Allow constructive criticism in Portfolios

If a particular reply is causing problems, Roblox could ask for proof of transaction (whether it’s Robux transactions, a PayPal statement / invoice, etc) and take action from there.

I feel like if you’re going to allow people to trade on your forums with real currency, you need to have a system in place for situations like this (which would require extra effort from Roblox to moderate these threads)


I’m going to send you a DM for follow-up as this might get off topic.

Not to lie but.

I slightly disagree.

Since most members don’t read the rules they might end up roasting the person who “constructive criticism” that person and calling them names.

I think it will not work out and just cause more drama.

Then ban the users who cannot behave instead of censoring legitimate reviews from people who have worked with said person :man_shrugging:


Well, yea but it still happened, but that’s not going to resolve the problem.

Since some people take stuff very seriously (like I do since I am very serious with my work and how it’s made) it won’t work out with just a ban.

Then flag those posts, but don’t remove the “reviews” as they are extremely helpful for everyone.


I definitely agree with those post.
No creator on the platform is “perfect” and has their own pros and cons, which are usually pointed out by constructive criticism.
Though in some cases it might not benefit the creator so much, it does benefit the whole community as it further specifies what type of a creator they’re looking for. I don’t see a reason to delete constructive criticism as it doesn’t pose a harm to anyone in the community, the truth is truth after all.


As I said:

Even if you flag it…
It will still happen.

True, cause there isn’t a perfect comunity and perfect rules. But flagging those posts and leaving constructive criticism is better than nothing. Even if your “review” to the portfolio gets flagged (wich shouldn’t happen) you still helped those people who saw it.

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What is the solution you propose then?
Because currently people are getting away with scams & providing inadequate work and getting away with it because no one is able to share their experience.
Would you rather the collaboration board be roamed with scammers & lies or see an occassional user get banned for trolling? I know which I’d prefer


That means you want the user call out the scammer.


Wouldn’t you want to know if the user you’re about to hire has scammed someone in the past?

  • 1.2 Mentioning users or games who you believe may be violating the Roblox Terms of Use counts as a personal attack. Do not bring disputes, accusations of scamming, etc. to the Developer Forum; no naming-and-shaming.

If there is a callout rule that means you want the user who is calling up the scammer to cook up drama.

This whole thread is petitioning for a change of this rule…


Agreed, but why should the scammer be called out to start drama.
I understand that the person is a scammer, but should the forum have a reputation of having drama in #collaboration

No, of course no one wants drama. However, that’s making the assumption that all negative reviews / feedback are there only to start drama.
In my case I posted a valid, genuine review / feedback of my experience with the developer.
I would want other users who were thinking of hiring said developer to see what it is like working with them. If the developer provides good quality work and are reputable, the positive comments would majorly outweigh the negative ones and the developer should be able to ‘dispute’ any claim they wish in a respectable manner instead of resorting to calling names or insults.
If they aren’t able to take legitimate criticism maturely, perhaps they aren’t very pleasant to work with in the first place?
Like I said earlier, the solution would be for Roblox to manually moderate the collaboration forums and in the event of a disagreement, contact the two users and figure out what happened and what action to take.

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Yes because this can be false information.

incase the information really is false, it can easily be moderated.
When a creator scams, their whole portfolio is mostly flagged and thus removed.
HOWEVER, what we are talking about here is the mismanagement of services which cannot be flagged and shouldn’t be but at the same time should be allowed to be criticized so that other people can be aware of the ants in the sugar. Genuine feedback doesn’t really cause drama and can easily be sorted out if the owner is willing to reflect on it.

EDIT : “When a creator scams, their whole portfolio is mostly flagged and thus removed”
this doesn’t always happen and that is because the proof in the form of criticism is removed.


If a forum post consistently gets negative reviews there’s something fishy, there’s no chance that people just tag along with negative reviews to make someone look bad. Calling scammers out has nothing to do with drama either that’s literally preventing people from getting scammed in the future which is necessary considering the amount of people that get away with it. Furthermore constructive criticism is also important in order for a person to improve and work on their mistakes, the amount of scamming that happens on the DevForum is ridiculous and the fact that it has no penalty towards it is even worse.


I understand that.

But the person may not read the rules and may up roasting the person who is giving “constructive criticism”

I have an example of what I mean, you are able to dm me for the example.

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