Allow constructive criticism in Portfolios

I follow very few portfolios (mostly those that I’ve had commented on in the past), and I noticed something pretty interesting. On Nov. 28th, a user commented under one of the portfolios I follow, saying that they had a terrible experience with a certain developer:

Naturally intrigued, I followed the conversation with other people as it turned into more off-topic, blaming the user for not being a better employer by someone completely random. The next day most of it was removed, but the criticism stayed. However, today, I noticed that the criticism was removed!

The problem is that it’s not the first time I had observed actual criticism being removed by forum staff. According to this PSA, it is allowed.


The problem with deleting constructive criticism from the forum is that it creates a false picture of the developer shaped by those who probably never hired them in the first place and have had a few friends comment something nice under their portfolios (a lot of us are guilty of that!). This makes it easier for the OP to not follow through deals and get away with it if users don’t throw it out to the public on social media.

I do realize that it was already mentioned that you can always message forum staff and introduce evidence of scamming if that happens. Still, if you’re trying to filter out people to work with in the future, we can’t really do it unless we actually work with them, and that might end up being a waste of time for others.


Just to note but this is written by me, not by staff. It might not reflect the rules if the rules were updated in the mean-time. I’ve actually been trying to get them to own this post and/or rewrite it because I don’t want to be the authority on that category.


Personally, I agree and disagree.
Agree: It could boost the chance of you getting hired if you have people approving of your work from past commissions in the comments.
Disagree: The forum rules I believe and because of getting my posts removed a few times in the past :grimacing: , the staff doesn’t want anything that is negative in any way being posted on a post. However if you think maybe the constructive criticism comment on that post isn’t directly bad, it could start somewhat of a fight between people who think he is great or just ok.

How to resolve: A thorough manual moderation for comments on portfolio posts.

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I don’t understand how you will be able to keep the developer anonymous if you’re replying right on their portfolio.


I do want this, but I am a bit hesitant as well. I do plenty of commissions, and when I do get scammed out, I open-source these as they have no other use. I wrote that it was scammed out of, nothing else. Did not even mention the user. I wake up the next day with complete slander filled over my portfolio based on how they were mad that I called them a scammer. (For reference, I did not even mention them at all.)

While it got removed, it took 3 days, and was embarrassing. Many people do not know what constructive criticism is, and may write outright slander, and DET takes a few days to get rid of.

I only support this if DET can assure me that slander will be taken down.

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Where did you comment it? Keeping it anonymous in their own portfolio is pretty much impossible lol

You can always flag them as “Something else” and explain that you never worked with those users.


Sure, here is the post:

This caused then to decide to write slander all over my portfolio. While everyone agreed it was ridiculous, 3 days to get slander taken down is too long.

They scammed me, I was over it, and when they saw that I opened sourced it due to scamming, they thought I was calling them out, which I did not do. This caused them to write slander on my portfolio, and even though it was flagged and hidden, it took a long time.


Oh lol i read it wrong. I feel like unless the developer who hired the person went through and experience so bad they should say The expierience they had with them i feel like if its something dumb like saying this dev sucks i hired him and he sucks i feel like it is ok to give your honest opinion as long as it not too insulting to the developer and as long as it is well thought out and not just the person ranting against how bad the developer was. Also the experience one person has may be different then someone elses so the person should mention that it is just from his personal experience and that another person may have a different experience with the developer

Fully agree. I’ve done this in the past and have gotten a perfectly fine reply removed.

Maybe it can be added as a category-specific rule?


I disagree with this. Either you hire them or you don’t, I don’t really see a point in giving constructive criticism about other people’s work. Portfolios are basically people showcasing their work.

Portfolios are and should be representative of who you are as a developer. Without negative constructive feedback, every single portfolio is a misrepresentation of how a developer is when taking commissions. Right now based on portfolios every developer is friendly, gets the job done quick, etc, and should be hired, but when you actually hire them, you get the opposite of what is expected. We should be able to give constructive feedback.


In that light, if I’m applying for a job for example, I wouldn’t hand over my resume with all the criticisms people have. Or apply those criticisms to a LinkedIn.

But it’s tricky here since there’s little to know if a portfolio’s references are legit. Then there’s the issue of false claims of bad experiences. References here would have to be certified or have some representative value, which they aren’t on this forum unless you’re a well-known developer.

I doubt we’ll see any change anyways with the new marketplace thing that’s supposed to come along.

Like I stated above:

Not really. Many regulars are quite outstanding members of the community and they can and are that “representative” value you might be looking for. But even then, no one really cares about it.

Those changes can always carry over to the new website, can’t they? :wink:


I agree, but I was thinking more on the side of regular members like myself who don’t have that status, or those who don’t interact with the forum but may have a good rep outside the forum. Reputation goes a long way and it is good to have people who can back you up.

I’m interested in the new website but I would think the dynamics of it would be different to what we are used to on the forum. It would be helpful if we knew the aims of DevRel so we could help in shaping the new goals instead of shooting at the moon in broad daylight.

I completely agree with this. Sometimes there are developers with a very bad costumer service and leaving a constructive reply in their portfolio helps other people to know who to hire…and who to not.
I was also following a portfolio and most of the replies were people talking about bad services. The artist just removed its portfolio and created a new one

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Thank you for bringing this to everyone’s attention.

I have reported/flagged the thread in question twice now (the main thread + a reply) however it is still up. The report form only gives you 500 characters which is simply not enough to explain the situation.

Frankly I think it is ridiculous that users of the forum are able to scam others with no repercussions. It is the perfect platform for scammers as no one can call them out, and if someone does it gets removed.

Censoring legitimate negative reviews is NOT the way to go, and neither is automatically locking threads.

Roblox, instead of removing genuine reviews please focus more on removing false, baseless claims with no evidence to back them up or simply resort to banning users who cause problems instead of censoring everyone.


I agree. I always hear that you need to check people before hiring. How are we able to do background checks if honest reviews are removed?

Like I said, my only concern is people mistaking this for a free card to do outright slander, and while it will get removed, it might take hours, or even days. That’s unacceptable as well.

From past experience, DET does not deal with scamming. Unfortunately they won’t taken an action upon this user, no matter how much proof there is.

I think this would resolve itself if Roblox decided to ban users who post illegitimate reviews - people would be less likely to do so if they knew the consequence would be getting perma banned from the dev forums.

EDIT to address your edit:
Some users tried arguing to me that the flag button is there to report scammers since your posts get deleted. This does not seem to be true however.

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How would you verify what is considered legitimate? This is the only issue I see with this.

This is definitely true!
I feel like constructive critisism should be allowed since it is one of the main parts you should be looking at when hiring somebody. If there are only positive comments, you never know what to expect from that developer.