Allow developers to allot payout percentages for Passes + Developer Products

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to pay out contributors to my experiences. It is far too manual.

Use Case

I often collaborate with likeminded developers. In part of this collaboration, I create several Developer Products + Passes to ensure that the contributing developer gets a direct and obvious cut from their contribution.

Conveniently, the Creator Dashboard has the ability to download my experience’s total monthly revenue:

Using Excel, I am able to use this .csv to filter and add up what a contributor is owed (based off of their specific Developer Products + Passes):

The Problem

However, as I collaborate with more and more developers, my list of developer partners grows.

Each month, I must manually:

  1. Wait for the month to be over
  2. Download the monthly .csv
  3. Filter the .csv using a 3rd-party program like Excel or Google Sheets
  4. Filter and add up what each contributor owes
  5. If this experience is owned by a group, pay out each contributor using the group. If this experience is owned by me, pay out each contributor directly and incur a 30% loss due to Roblox’s marketplace fee.
  6. Repeat steps 1-6 each month.

The Ask

Must Have

  • Allow developers to allot payout %s, akin to group payouts, for individual assets - most specifically for Passes and Developer Products
  • If a player buys the payout-shared asset, the % cut is directly sent to the allotted payout recipient

Nice to Have

  • To prevent abuse, when a new payout recipient is added as a % to an asset, their initial payout is delayed by the same formula groups use
  • To prevent abuse, developers are notified if a new user is added as a payout recipient to an asset
  • To prevent abuse, payout recipients are notified when they are added/removed from an asset and/or if the % changes


If this issue is addressed, it would improve my development experience because I would be more freely able to partner and collaborate with likeminded developers without having to go through this tedious process each month.