Allow developers to configure where Models insert into in Studio

Currently, when you insert models from the toolbox, it goes straight into Workspace. There are however, some objects that are automatically inserted into places other than Workspace, such as skyboxes and lighting effects inserting into Lighting instead.

Now, there are many models that are often designed to be inserted into games in specific places. Frameworks in ServerScriptService, storing maps in ServerStorage, client handlers in StarterPlayerScripts, you get the idea.

Often that not, many of these models come with instructions telling developers where they must be inserted for them to work. But it would be a lot easier if these models would just automatically insert into the places where they’re needed to be.

So, my suggestion…

  • Allow developers to configure where their Models should automatically insert into when they are inserted from Studio’s toolbox.

    • These would be pre-determined locations where such Models would normally be required to be inserted into to properly work, such as ServerScriptService, ReplicatedStorage, the StarterPlayerScripts, and others.

    • The insert location could be configured either on the model’s configure page on the website or when uploading it to the website through Studio.

Here’s some examples:

  • A shift to sprint script that inserts to StarterCharacterScripts
  • An admin commands loader inserted into ServerScriptService
  • A game framework that is automatically set up by inserting into ServerScriptService as well
  • Maps for a minigame going straight into ServerStorage
  • A custom loading screen going into ReplicatedFirst


  • This is to make it easier to set up frameworks, libraries, and other Models that need to be inserted in a specific location in order to work.

    • For example, scripts currently always insert into Workspace. It would save a lot of time if they would just insert into where they are intended to go to.
  • It would also put less burden on both the model creator and developers in issues where the model does not work as intended due to being inserted in the wrong place or when inexperienced developers do not know where to insert them.