Allow developers to modify a floating widget's border style

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to modify the style of a floating widget’s border. At the moment, it is only possible to modify the title and size of the window. While this is fine for a lot of cases, I would like to suggest adding a new property to the PluginGui class to further aid developers:


I think the property should contain one of the following values:

-- The default window, allows the user to drag the border to resize.

-- Looks identical to the default, but the user cannot drag the border to resize.

-- No border, meaning the UI's design is purely up to the developer.

Why it would be useful:
Allowing developers to modify a widget’s border style would mean that we have more control over how the users can use our plugins. Plugins such as the Animation Editor (shown below) can be stretched by the user to mess with the window’s UI. While this is entirely up to the user, I believe that developers should have the choice to prevent this if they choose to do so, in order to make their plugin look more well-made for instance.

Stretched Animation Editor Window

As for Enum.BorderStyle.None, I think that developers would definitely benefit from having the option to remove the border altogether. Having this choice creates so many more opportunities for developers to design useful plugins.

For example:

  • A script spell-checker that can pop-up when it detects an incorrect spelling, and suggest the new spellings to the user without having a large border around such a small window.
  • An automated timer UI for developers that want to set themselves targets to complete tasks within certain time periods, with a transparent background to ensure that it isn’t too obtrusive.