Allow downgrade of Roblox premium mid-plan

After the recent switch to premium, I’ve cancelled my (Previously OBC) yearly membership with the intention of downgrading to the lowest premium tier, as I only used OBC to be able to devex. However, unlike the previous system, after cancelling my 3rd tier membership, I can’t downgrade to a lower tier until my yearly membership expires. While this may seem fine, as a Roblox developer I will lose revenue in the period between my yearly membership expiring, and the time I purchase the lowest tier. I can’t be up all hours of the day and I may forget to purchase the membership when it expires, and during this space I will only receive 10% of my revenue, rather than 70%. This could be quite a significant amount if I didn’t notice for days, a week or longer.

My simple request is to allow us to downgrade our membership, and either have the purchased tier begin after the existing membership expires, or have our existing membership tier converted into the lower/higher membership tier for it’s remaining days, or in a manner proportional to it’s value.