Allow for line breaks and Markdown in "Interest details"

As a developer, it is hard to emphasize certain stuff in the details section on the Creator Page.

This is extremely frustrating as a lot of users have a hard time reading notes we put in there. This results in people omitting certain aspects on accident. Being able to add line breaks and support Markdown would make it easier to make sure people do not miss this information.

If Roblox addressed this issue, it would make things easier as we will be able to go into detail for each category without having everything mash together into one thing. Being able to emphasize certain aspects of the details like “I do not take commissions” would also be useful for those who don’t pay attention to the Job Status.


Hey! Thanks for this suggestion. Just so we’re 100% clear, are you suggesting that this field become a Markdown field?

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Yes I am suggesting it to be a markdown field.


Ok great, just wanted to double check. Agreed - will make it happen!