Allow for the ability to save devconsole logs as .txt files

This would be useful because you could save lots of debug information and compute it later. Another thing it would help with is players who want to report bugs. They often don’t understand the difference with the different errors (”screenshot the red text”) in the dev console and might screenshot something like ”rbxassetid://123456789 failed to load” instead of the real error. This would make it easier for both them and us since they could just send the text message and we could CTRL+F.

The file would be saved in the same folder as Roblox screenshots, preferably with a similar popup. It would all messages (not just warnings and errors, also print()s!) since the server start. Instead of the red text for errors (it’s a .txt!) the message would read like this:

[21:22:23] [ERROR]: rbxassetid://123456789 failed to load.

Since Roblox are actively working on the new dev console I figured it would be much better to suggest this now, rather than a year into the future when it’s no longer a priority.



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