Allow game descriptions include Roblox help page links

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to include Roblox webpages in game descriptions.

Full game description is inside this spoiler

Sequel: Circus Trip 2 [BETA]🤡 - Roblox

:desktop_computer: More stability updates coming in the future to address minor bugs and enhance the player experience! :desktop_computer:

:circus_tent: You and a group of campers stumble across a circus tent after a hiking trip takes a turn — what could possibly go wrong?

:+1: Be sure to like and favourite this game if you enjoyed it!
:heart: Tired of dying? Try using the infinite lives gamepass!
:star: Use Private Servers to skip to any part of the game!
:gift: Gift players extra lives!

:warning: All music has been licensed from APM music; game music can be included in monetized recordings. Google: “Dispute a Content ID claim - YouTube Help” and include the link below if flagged :warning:

:hammer: Creator - Maxx_J
:memo: Additional programming - dantheprogram
:speaking_head: Voice - TheGh0stRunner
:speaker: Character Gibberish SFX - PugAddictVivi

Use-cases involve directing content creators to the music licensing FAQ page, or players to the general health notice (pertaining to epilepsy) or other FAQs as found here

I haven’t changed my game’s description nor title in at least a year because moderation hasn’t allowed me to. Ideally URLs to Roblox help pages should be allowed in descriptions.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because then I can refer players to help pages whilst updating my game description.


Not bad idea. They should also show you when you are writing name and description what is censored.