Allow game developers to create unlimited free private servers

@sleitnick made another feature request about private servers, check it out here: Allow creators to have Private Servers for free

As a Roblox developer, it’s currently impossible to offer free private servers with the ability of making unlimited ones just for myself.

For example, I might want to make:

  • A server for testing
  • A server for playing with my friends
  • Multiple servers, in case I run a live event

In my own game, the Private Servers are free, however, I am eligible to create only one server:

After an issue I experienced yesterday (the post is accesible only to Regulars), I had to make the private servers available for free, since I couldn’t afford one myself. This is why I featured sleitnick’s topic. I used that free private server in order to test new features, as you can see yourself.

If Roblox was able to address this issue, it’d improve my development experience, because I could have separate servers for each thing (for example, a separate one for testing and a separate one for live events). This would also not add a paywall behind such a useful feature, just because only one server is available, even for game developers.

Thanks for reading my feature request and have a nice day!