Allow Google Forms links in bulletin board

Hi! I was wondering if google forms links could possibly be allowed in #bulletin-board. It would be really cool if we were allowed to link google forms to our posts.

One use case I can think of is a post letting users know how to report exploiters to the game’s staff with a google form to do so linked to it.


Google forms is probably an issue with user-privacy as you could ask for user’s personal information, etc which is something Roblox doesn’t want.


Discord is way more dangerous, and that’s allowed. But, Google Forms is way more convenient and you don’t have to contact internet strangers.

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Discord is not allowed, in-fact it’s explicitly not alllowed.


I meant tags, sorry. Like @blank#0000

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I can see people being desperate for robux doing this to kids:
Screenshot 2022-12-26 at 21.58.19

Unfortunately, I am going to have to say no to this, unless Roblox can scan the form first using AI.


Hi folks, we are very careful with our list of allowed domains on the forum. We can add links to this allow-list if there is a sufficient need for it and does not impose serious safety or privacy concerns.

Unfortunately Google Forms has limited controls for you to determine which users should be able to access it based on the content of the form, and on top of that it requires users to fill out information. Google Forms also lacks active moderation resources. It is additionally a niche use case compared to some of our other allowed external domains.

So to be transparent, we we are unfortunately not implementing this request for now.

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