Allow group games to be added to profiles


I almost thought this was a feature very briefly, years ago. I’d love to add Jailbreak to my Roblox profile. Right now I have to rely on making the group my primary and favoriting the game so other players can see it. I’d love for it to be with my other creations, because it is after all a creation I spent a lot of time on!

To add onto that, it’d be lovely to let other group members set games to their profile. @badcc worked just as hard on the game, and just as much. It’d make a lot of sense for him to have a way to add the game to his profile too.


Support; I definitely see this as a possibility for a group page update.
Group > Role Permissions > allow user to put specific games on profile: enabled/disabled

If you’re able to determine what group role is able to do this (supporter, developer, admin, owner, co-owner), I think it’d work really well.

Only bad thing I could tell is how scammers would be able to do this, potentially? Heck it’d probably make spotting scammy places easier. But making them popular would become easier too (,using this feature), which is problematic.

But yeah this would be a good way of advertising places. (Of all sorts, so be warned!)


Support from me


Support!! The game I’m working on is a group game and oftentimes I have to redirect people to the group when they ask what I’m working on


Maybe it would be beneficial to limit such a feature for games with X+ amount of visits. I feel like that would stop the issue of scammers and such.


I feel like this feature is vital to developers, and it sucks that this still hasn’t been added yet.


I love this idea

but they’re going need creative ways to prevent it from being abused

such as the game being added to tons of profiles for free exposure // users paying other users to add their group game to there profile (famous users etc) [maybe have a limit of how many profiles the game can be on]

but this is a cool idea, just the logistics need to be sorted out (and they can be! it’s not an impossible puzzle, just takes some thinking of HOW people would abuse it, and doing your best to prevent it)

support it, man


pay robux to put group game on profile?


Plus I kinda want the plays to show up on my profile lol.

Also, the way to fix people abusing it is just have a group permission that allows you to display it? Paying R$ or w/e will still get abused lol


I think I’m going to bump this. The likes keep growing and I’d really love to add Jailbreak to my profile after how large it has become :grimacing:


Not sure if you still have the same opinions, but the group owner should be the decider of how many players can put it on their profile as they made, no limit (we don’t know if game studios are going to be extremely large here in the future). Tie the ability to add a group game to a certain role or rank in a group, and account for gaining/losing said role.


Support, but building onto another thread I read, perhaps another tab with games you have contributed to or something like that instead.


Almost a year later from my post and still no answers. It is my sole wanted feature on Roblox. I want to be able to put the egg hunt on my profile.


Gonna give this feature another bump as a lot of creators using groups would love to be able to put their games on their own profiles too! All of the games I am developing/own are all under groups meaning my profile does not have any games on it which sucks.