Allow Members Full Access to The Talent Hub Bugs and Talent Hub Features Subcategories

As a Roblox Developer, it is currently very difficult to have almost no way to for report bugs about the Talent Hub to get noticed and to make feature requests for the Talent Hub.

There are many people out there who have lots of feedback to improve the Talent Hub, but there little to no ways for us to actual say our feedback.

The only thing we can do is just make a suggestion in the Talent Hub Announcement post, but there’s a 9/10 chance that it won’t be seen by the staff :frowning:

If Roblox were to address this issue, the Talent Hub will most likely improve MUCH faster since ALL developers are given a much better way to make their suggestions to improve the Talent Hub.

Known bugs will be fixed faster. Wanted features will be added faster and sooner or later there will be less and less of a reason to complain about the current state about the Talent Hub and how the Collaboration Category is getting deleted.

Read the most detailed explanation and the use cases below the page break:

Case 1 for Post Access to #bug-reports:talent-hub-bugs

Last week, @iGottic posted SEVEN bug reports she found on the Talent Hub at once. I’d say that Seven is quite a lot. I noticed that I experienced some of the bugs she reported before she made the posts. They could’ve been fixed faster if we had an easier to report these bugs rather than making a reply on Talent Hub Announcement thread.

Counterargument(s) of Case 1

  • Although it is known that you can just report the Talent Hub bug as a member to the Bug-Support Team, you will be able to get the bug fixed faster since you can get support from others. This will be extremely useful, especially during high impact Talent Hub bugs that practically ruin the functionality, since it often takes a day or two for the Bug Support team to respond to the member’s PM, while a public bug report definitely has a higher chance of getting noticed since its posted publicly.

Counterargument 1 to the Counterargument of Case 1

Although it is somewhat known that Bug Support might ask you to make a bulletin board post for the bug report and then they will move it to the appropriate Bug-Reports Sub-Categotery, the arguments I made in the original Counterargument to Case 1 still stands.

Counterargument 2 to the Counterargument of Case 1

Although its certain that Talent Hub Bug Reports will get posted sooner or later, the faster it gets reported, the quicker the bug will get fixed.

Case 1 for Full Access to #feature-requests:talent-hub-features

Lots of members have LOTS of ideas to improve the Talent Hub. All you have to do is look at the original announcement post to see the enormous amount of replies with suggestions to improve the Talent Hub. If All Members were to Access Talent Hub Feature Requests, the Talent Hub could most certainly improve faster.

Counterargument to Case 1

Although it is known that you can use Roblox Support to make feature requests for anything, I’m sure lots of people would find posting Talent Hub Feature requests here because beneficial Talent Hub Feature Requests can get supported from other members on the DevForum.

Case 2 for Full Access to #feature-requests:talent-hub-features

The original announcement thread has almost *800 replies, some more negative than others. Some good Talent Hub feature-requests could definitely get lost in there (or maybe some good ones already have gotten lost in there). If all Members could post in #feature-requests:talent-hub-features , improvements for the Talent Hub will definitely get more attention and perhaps more support depending on how good the feature request for the Talent Hub is.

Counterargument to Case 2

Some of you may say that if #feature-requests:talent-hub-features and #bug-reports:talent-hub-bugs were to open to members, The DevForum would be in absolute chaos with so many spam and duplicate topics.

First off, duplicate topics won’t be as much of an issue since the purpose of subcategories of #bug-reports:talent-hub-bugs and #feature-requests:talent-hub-features are straight-forward. If there were to be duplicate topics, just flag the topic and DET will take it down.

In other words, spam topics in #bug-reports:talent-hub-bugs won’t be as much of an issue as spam topics in #development-discussion .


If Members had access to #bug-reports:talent-hub-bugs and #feature-requests:talent-hub-features the Talent Hub will be improved much faster, much better, and as time goes on there will be less and less of a reason to complain about the Talent Hub.

I’ve been wanting to post this for a while now, but I purposely waited until the end of March since the Collaboration Category is set to deletion any time now.

Edit: Fixed a typo
Edit 2: Added links to some of the terms I made in my post for most clarity
Edit 3: Added a counterargument to Case 3 for Full Access to #feature-requests:talent-hub-features
Edit 4: Added a counter argument for Case 2 for Full Access to #feature-requests:talent-hub-features.
Edit 5: Removed the cases for having the ability to reply to Talent Hub Features since I didn’t realize that members already have the ability to do that.

Also, no need to flag as I got permission from DET to post this so it would be pointless to.


I spent almost 2 hours on writing this topic so if you could please support this post or give feedback on this than that would be great


One reason why the category may be locked to newer members is because most suggestions are similar to each other and they would be repetitive, however I agree it should be unlocked to all users. Forum feature requests is available, why not TH?



Only Regulars can create topics #bug-reports and #feature-requests, but this Forum Feature request is to allow all Members to have full access only to #bug-reports:talent-hub-bugs and #feature-requests:talent-hub-feature.

Duplicate TH feature requests and TH bug report posts could always just get flagged and taken down.


This is a really necessary change. Since member to regular progression, if I remember correctly, is kinda locked for now, it’d make the most sense to open these categories to everyone. There’s obviously a lot of feedback that people have for the Talent Hub, but it’s all disconjointed, spread across multiple random threads, and the majority of them are posted by members. The Talent Hub from what I’ve seen just feels like a ghost-town as well. An easier way to send feedback about the Talent Hub would overall cause massive improvements, which would then make people possibly favor it over Discord servers when it comes to seeking out commissions.

tl;dr: It would be overall very beneficial for both Roblox users and Roblox staff if all commissions were sought from the Talent Hub than from community-ran Discord servers, but the Talent Hub’s current state pushes people away from it. easier ways to give feedback = more possible improvements


We need this. The talent hub hasn’t even improved much since #collaboration was closed (there isn’t even built-in image support) and there needs to be some light brought to the situation.

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This is amazing! Since promotions to Regular are no longer available, even well-known DevForum users and famous developers who joined late cannot rank up and post bug reports.


I definitely support this. The Talent Hub is practically useless. I now use discord servers to find work.

Lots of fixable problems with the Talent Hub exist, but right now it feels as though nothing is happening. I believe that allowing members full access to these categories would be a step in the right direction.


I support this, but you might want to add this counterargument:

Counterargument to Case 2

The reason that Member to Regular promotions are on hold and Members can’t give feedback is because as of now, the process of reviewing said feedback is incredibly manual. It would be flooded with feedback, meaning that no one would get any of their requests noticed very much, defeating the whole point of opening #feature-requests:talent-hub-features, increased visibility of requests.

Even worse, the staff team would be essentially unable to act on any of these bug reports and feature requests, just because of the sheer volume of them. Even fewer bugs would be fixed, even fewer features would be added.

These aren’t my own thoughts. For those, I invoke the name of @peraldon, whom I observe is the most active on these kinds of topics (sorry for the mention):

Don’t you dare say I’m defending the status quo; I wholeheartedly support these suggestions, it’s just that this may defeat the whole point of increased visibility and accelerated improvement.


This topic is not about opening the entire Feature Request Category and the entire Bug Reports category.

This topic’s purpose is solely to benefit to the Talent Hub.

I wouldn’t ask for Members to access all of Feature Requests and Bug Reports in a million years, since it would be absolutely madness.

But if we want to Talent Hub to improve faster and be more reliable, we at least need #bug-reports:talent-hub-bugs and #feature-requests:talent-hub-features to be open.

I HIGHLY doubt that the DevForum would be in absolute chaos if they opened ONLY #feature-requests:talent-hub-features and #bug-reports:talent-hub-bugs.

I’m not asking for the entire Feature Requests category to be opened to members nor am I asked for the entire Bug Reports Category to be opened to members.

I’m simply suggesting #bug-reports:talent-hub-bugs and #feature-requests:talent-hub-features to be open so the Talent Hub can improve faster.

Don’t think of this post as an argument to open all of Feature Requests and Bug Reports. Take this post as a suggestion to help increase the quality and reliability of the Talent Hub.

Duplicate and other topics that break the rules will always just get flagged and taken down by DET.

This topic is not a rant about the Regular Promotions and Member Access to all other categories like the others.

This topic is solely for the benefit of the Talent Hub.

Edit: I get your point. I will add a counterargument to Case 2.


Done. Thanks for the idea. :slight_smile: . I appreciate your contribution.


Apparently I was stupid and didn’t realize that we could already reply to #feature-requests:talent-hub-features.

I’ll remove my Cases for having the ability to reply to Talent Hub Features, but keep the rest.

Well, that’s not the point of the post.

I’m simply proposing a way to improve the Talent Hub in a faster way.

Regardless of whether that’s true or not I doubt it is btw, the point of the post is not to call them out on that.

This is a forum where anyone can sign up and post forum feedback and reply to bug reports. The PMs of Talent Hub have mentioned several times you can direct message them your feedback on Talent Hub as a stopgap fix. Nobody is being blocked from giving feedback here.


Thanks for all the feedback on various issues regarding the bug reporting workflow. We’re very aware of these issues and understand that the current situation prevents you from effectively providing us with feedback.

We’re going to be shifting more internal resources towards prioritizing creator feedback workflows (not just adding patches here and there as has been the case since ~Sep 2020). I will try to be as transparent as possible about things we are planning to roll out as we finish planning and things become more clear, and get feedback from the community early on where appropriate.

Many thanks for continuing to push on these issues and we really appreciate your patience! :pray:


Thanks for responding!

I hugely appreciate the acknowledgement with the problem and that you’re now shifting your resources to fixing this.

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