Allow members to create feature requests/bug report topics of all types

Q: “This will increase troll topics”

A: Tell me, how often do you see troll topics? Literally like 1 in 1000? Plus, these get taken down quickly if they do exist in like 2-5 minutes. The devforum community is usually very well behaved.

Q: “So many feature requests/bug reports will be made, staff will not be able to respond to all of them”

A: Devforum staff are very active and handle moderation well, they will definitely be able to atleast read most of the topics. Especially since alot of the topics will be serious and not trolls, as if they’re troll topics they are usually swiftly taken down.

Q: “Why should they allow this?”

A: Because rank-locking these categories means only a few developers’ voices are heard. The dev community have tons of features they wish could be added but can’t request these. I already have tons of ideas in my mind of what I wish roblox could add to the engine but I can’t say. Also same thing can be said with bug reports, more members are likely to find bugs in the engine/website as oppose to only a handful of regulars.

Q: “Roblox staff have stated they will change the ranking system”

A: To my own research, I know that they are changing the ranking system. But I know you will still definitely be locked behind some sort of rank in order to post feature request/bug reports.


Have you seen the recent state of the DevForum?

I’d appreciate more liberty for those who deserve it.


Due to recent updates, there is little difference between the Member and Regular ranks.

You no longer need the Regular rank to report bugs. You can request to join a group instead.


God, if ONLY.

I do agree that feature request functionality should be opened up more however, either in its own group, or merged into the bug report group.


I am in support of this. However, …

From what I see, these trollers do not often go beyond Development Discussion. The moderators are somewhat bad at moderating and troll posts do not get taken down in five minutes. Fortunately, I’ve observed them, and most of them are responsible and aware of which categories they’re posting in

They should allow much more developers to speak up for the needed features and bug fixing. Although, Roblox has a contact page where you could give suggestions and feedback, but it’s likely to be disposed and neglected anyways. (Because they are suggestions and feedback)

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You know, people can message users with access to such category to file their bug report. You can also contact @Bug-Support for bugs. Now, for feature requests I really don’t think that it’s neccessary but you still can get in contact with the 2 ways given above for them as well.


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There is now no differences, Lounge access is controlled by a hidden group, Feature Requests are controlled by the @AllowFeatureRequests group (which I am in, and like count has been leveled making no distinction aside from the visual role name


It’s in the @AllowFeatureRequests group, you can request access to show demand


To everybody saying that devforum staff are horrible at moderation and what not, as soon as I post anything that is remotely off-topic or in the wrong category it has been taken down immediately. And I know you can join groups to request bug reports or feature requests but this usually takes months and it’s hard to even prove you belong in it unless you’ve done something amazing. I assume many of you are talking about moderation in the past, but very recently in the past few months I’ve been bombed by moderators. There’s even topics going on about it.

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People with the permission to create bug reports literally almost never read their messages as they’re usually top developers who only use the devforum when they see a bug or want to request a feature.

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If there are so many troll topics and what not like you guys are saying why don’t you link me various examples? I’ve been quite active on the forum and I have seen none, I don’t count topics/posts that are years old by the way, give me recent ones.

I have listed another method, and usually for me, it does seem to work?

I would if all of them weren’t already deleted. Just wait a couple of days and somewhat at this time they will appear.

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Maybe you’re just lucky, because it’s been months and my bug report that i requested hasn’t been accepted and I’ve messaged people who have access to file bug reports yet they ignore me. But there’s no point arguing, you’re just gonna say “Troll topics are abundant” and I’m just gonna say “No there aren’t”… So why don’t we just leave it there.

So they’ve already been taken down by moderators yet moderators are bad, and before you say “Oh just because they deleted it doesn’t mean moderators are good” the fact that you can’t find any troll topics because they’ve already been deleted says alot about moderation. But whatever, no arguing. No arguing. No arguing.

Not within the rules btw, I may have accidentally spread some misinformation in the past because I interpreted the rules in the wrong way.

Then why do some bug reports have a tag, A private message is associated with this xy.?

Or am I interpreting it wrongly?

Bug reports have that in some cases because developers need to send confidential information that they don’t want public

Here’s a few examples of low quality, rule breaking, or even straight up troll posts getting approved by moderation 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

Heck, a few of these are still up to this day. Hopefully this clears things up for you!


Ok then, how about a recent post for example?


This post was up for AT LEAST 12 hours, despite being hidden for most of them. You telling me that in those 12 hours, no moderators thought it was against any sort of rules.
And no, “b-but the mods could have been asleep” doesn’t count here - Assuming the post was taken down the moment this image was taken (I’m certain it wasn’t, and was still up for longer, but I have no source on that) there would have easily been at least one mod online, unless everyone clocked out early and was late the next day magically for no reason.

Also can’t forget the time that one dude spammed the devforum with gore + assorted NSFW imagery, only for a mod to give them one warning - a feedback of all things - on NSFW content, only to leave for another few hours before finally banning them. That’s lost to time though so again just take my word with a grain of salt.