Allow members to make feature requests (Why+How)

The Forum’s has needed this for a long time. We all know that. And i know, there are many, many topics like this. But i feel the need to make this and explain why and how this would work.
Many developers would want to add there ideas to the roblox website, and unfortunately many of them, who probably have amazing ideas to improve the site, are left not being able to suggest these ideas/improvements. It seems unfair that only “special” Regular’s can post these suggestions, and even bug reports (although you can contact @Bug-Support if you wanna wait 20 years.).
How would it work?
There would of course be some limitations: Forum account age must be over 60 days, and be active. ROBLOX Account Age must be over 120 days old. (Unlikely)Your first 3 feature requests will be monitored to insure that you will use them respectfully and wisely. Your previous flags will be reviewed, and if serious rules were broken, you will not be allowed to post feature requests unless they are appealed. You will be notified via forum message when you are allowed to create a feature request. You can only create feature requests ONCE A WEEK. So there isnt a bunch of them, and ROBLOX actually gets to review them.

In Conclusion,
As a roblox developer it is nearly impossible to get my ideas (feature ideas) out there for roblox to see unless i am a regular, which i am not. Thank you for your time.

I know there’s many topics like this, but i felt the need to make this one. I’d appreciate if this wasnt flagged.

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They don’t have that much staffs to check out everything we want to say…


Which is why i suggested the one week wait. So theres no flood of feature requests. And they get time to read them.

Post approval has already proven in the past this kind of constraint will do nothing to limit quantity. There are too many people.


Instead of that why not allow promotions to regular? Wont that be better? Then we can make BugReports Feature Requests and more!


AFAIK, a system used to automatically promote members to regulars is still in the works. I’d like to be a regular as much as the next guy, but I don’t want to see the wrong people being promoted, so we just gotta wait.

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well F then also what does AFAIK stand for.

Man if I had a dollar every single time someone made a Forum Feature Request like this…

Instead of creating another topic, please support the already existing ones :slightly_smiling_face::

In other words, DevRel gets the point. They’re more than aware of how much we want to create topics in Bug Reports and Feature Requests. Creating
another topic won’t help.

, but i felt the need to make this one.

You can make your point by replying to the existing posts.

Please. Do us all a favor and go support existing posts so we won’t have to see a duplicate feature request like this every day.


I’m not even kidding - I have seen at least 10 of those topics popup this year

Please pay attention to this thing, it exists for a reason!

I support you and what you’re trying to do, but DevRel alreaydy is aware of this issue and knows that everybody wants it back, it’s prwtty clear by the overwhelming backlash for keeping it locked for this long…


I stated im fully aware of the amount of topics. As i have also stated a felt the need to make it anyway, since it is a important topic.

AFAIK stands for “as far as I know”.

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oh thanks. I am not that good with abbreviations. Its my weakness : (