Allow Members to Post Bug Reports


I am writing this as I feel it should already be a feature.

If I’m not mistaken, I remember a while ago, there used to be a team of reviewers who reviewed Members posts that were bug reports, or suggestions.

I feel that Members should be allowed to report bugs on the forum as well, because if there’s a major bug on a low time where not many people are on Roblox, and nobody’s aware of the issue but one member, they won’t be able to report it as if they made it under #development-discussion, it would just be reported by someoen for “Off Topic” and be deleted since someone reported it.

If Members aren’t going to be allowed to post bugs, at least work on a system to bring back Regular promotions. Many people are extremely active on the Developer Forums and help others, and have visited a large consecutive days in a row, and a ridiculous amount of days in total, and have a lot of Solutions, Reading Time, Replies, hearts received, but are STILL a MEMBER. I feel like there should be a few requirements for Regular.

If someone meets those requirements, they could either 1. Apply for Regular, and a staff would review their profile. 2. A staff would just look for active people.

Let me know your thoughts and if you agree.

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Request to join this group to post bug reports.


Your request will most likely take a extended period of time to be accepted though


Please post your feedback on the announcement above!