Allow mentions with older usernames to be interacted with

Currently, if someone changes their roblox name and someone mentioned their old name, you can’t interact with it.

for example, one of my old roblox usernames is “ULTR4ST0RM.” my name is now intergravitation, but i can’t click it anymore

It would be great if older usernames were considered for mentioning, as sometimes mentions are used to credit others, or if someone mentions someone and you click it, you wont know who got mentioned.

edit: im not exactly sure if this is a feature or a bug, so i put it in features for now. tell me if i got it wrong


That is a Discourse engine thing that really should be suggested on their meta forum.

Discourse doesn’t have a way to track usernames like Roblox does. Mentions also work by mentioning the username of the user and not the display name meaning that if you change your username, the mentions breaks.

One way that it could be done is to let Discourse track user IDs and do mentions in that way like Discord does. Hopefully either Roblox or Discourse figures it out but as I said, you should also mention it on the Meta if you got a minute for it.

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