Allow minor user/group name edits

Allow minor name edits

What do I mean by this?

By minor edits I mean changing the capitalization or changing 1-2 letters (eg. remove a trailing s)

Why would this be beneficial?

For groups it would be really useful. If I had an old group called “my group” I can make the name seem more professional by changing it to “My Group”.

For players it would mean not having to pay 1,000 robux to change my name from fivefactor to Fivefactor.

How does this differ from all other threads regarding this?

This isn’t a request for the ability to change group names. This is for the ability to make tiny modifications to existing names.

If Roblox were able to address this, it would give users more flexibility with editing names.


If this were to happen, players could gradually change their group to an entire different name, lets say someone decides to change 1-2 letters in their group name. They could keep changing 1-2 letters over time so it makes it to where their group name is something entirely different.


I don’t see an issue with allowing changing of capitalisation for free, but I still think Roblox should charge to actually change your username.

However, if this “Display Names” feature is what I think it is, we could be looking at using a system like Discord where you can change your username, and it’s a combination of username+discriminator that identifies you.


There would have to be some way to keep track of previous changes. Obviously there are more aspects involved and it isn’t very simple to implement this system right away.