Allow More Restorations

Adding onto what you guys have said, the current ROBLOX rollback policy on ROBLOX is ineffective. In the perspective of ROBLOX, we take it for granted. Everybody who is wealthy in ROBUX is a target for these scammers. But what happens if you get reset to zero, when someone gets into your account and takes it all? ROBLOX just tells you “tough luck.”

I would say a majority of ROBLOX users have already been rolled back if they have lots of ROBUX of limited items. But what happens after you get rolled back? It’s like having no insurance policy.

Millions of ROBUX are stolen in limiteds by bottom feeders who perform on the black market. They end up making a living by nailing new traders from obtaining their site cookies, going into Plugin Management, and sending it to a void. They circumvent all banishment that is imposed on them and probably will never die down.

Here’s how I see it: you only have one life with all your limiteds / ROBUX and the scammers have as many ways to attack you as possible. You’re bound to run out at some point.

ROBLOX is scammer-ridden: it’s the sad truth. Remember the rez_b incident? Polygon wrote an article saying that ROBLOX has lots of savvy scammers and that they circumvent bans. You’re right, it’s hard to hold someone accountable in a growing UGC platform of millions. But something you can do is take proper action and help us recover the scam. Failure of committing to a deal, whether it’s supplying the assets or paying the developer, is pretty common. The process to getting New Member is so easy that all you have to do is read posts logged into ROBLOX until someone eventually gives you the role. And the scammer blends in among us.

Looking at it today, it’s kind of unreasonable to have only one. It’s like having a one-time insurance policy on a platform that has omnipotent powers and can help restore you with ease. Emailing Support isn’t helpful the second time as shown here and it would be draconian to think one is enough. Giving us one rollback is like saying we have one balloon in a community where lots of people holds the pins.

More rollbacks are needed.

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