Allow more time to upload models and places before failing

I’m getting these errors:

18:09:59.600 - CURL error (curl_easy_perform): Timeout was reached (28) (x2)

I’ve been trying to upload a series of 6 models because my place file is getting too big(18MB and forever growing), so I had to resort to uploading sections of the game and then using insertservice to put them back in online. Except roblox servers seem to be slow so I can’t upload all my models that are each less than half of the entire place. I’ve been trying to get a patch out for the last few hours, failing nonstop. Maybe double the maximum time it takes to upload a model or place? Splitting up my game into more models to insert ingame sounds like more of a pain than it already is.


I agree that the timeout should be increased. If ROBLOX doesn’t want to increase the timeout for everyone, it could be an option in Studio settings.

As a temporary workaround, it might be possible to get around the timeout by manually sending an upload HTTP request.


Do you know how to do this? I still can’t update my model, meaning I couldn’t add new gamepasses if I wanted, nor update anything. It let me upload it a few days ago, but not update it now.

I’ve figured it out before. I usually use Fiddler to figure out which requests are sent. You have to start Fiddler before you start Studio. I tested out sending requests in Fiddler, too. If you want a quick GUI-based way of sending the request, Fiddler does a good job of it.

Here’s what I used in its Composer. It’s enough information to implement yourself or use with the Composer if you’d like. I stripped out information like the cookie, the place id, and the place file. This seems to be the minimum you’ll need to send the request.

Content-Length: 488475
Fiddler-Encoding: base64

Screenshot of Fiddler Composer ![](upload://l2fKwdSI7NmRMhWJTA6LPHnIDfq.png)

The @Include line sticks the data from the file into the request encoded as base64.


Thanks, better than splitting up my models another 5 times

Turns out I couldn’t public my model because the union data wasn’t uploaded before. Which sounds wrong because all I did was shrink down some existing unions, not change anything else at all, just size and position. Theoretically it should have been the same size but was instead an extra 6MB. I fixed by selecting all the unions I thought weren’t published and uploaded that as a model, then uploaded the model I wanted to update which had those unions and some other stuff that made it too big before.

Can you send me a copy/link of this place that’s causing problems?

I don’t have it anymore, roblox uploaded the unions and it replaced the savefiles with the assetid or whatever it does.

Basically the problem was the union wasn’t uploaded automatically so when I tried publishing a model with the unions, it was trying to upload all the data at once rather than just the references to the solidmodel assets. Although I’d still like the time limit to be raised because even if the unions are all uploaded, my game uploads start failing once they start getting past ~10-20mb. It seems the model upload time limit is lower than the game upload time limit.

Has this been shipped? I have a 22MB place and it fails to upload nearly always. This only happens in my home because my upload speed is slow (1 MB/s), when I use a faster connection the problem disappears. Currently it times out around 2 minutes after the upload starts, and shows me an “internal server error 500”. I would appreciate if the allowed time for uploading was extended to at least 10 minutes, and I think a lot of other people with big places and bad Internet would benefit a lot from it.


I too support this change as i am faced with the same problem; Big places and slow internet.

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Why is there even a timeout in the first place? If it cannot be removed, does anyone know why? It looks like I’ll have to split my game into different models which will be inserted after the server starts, which wouldn’t be necessary if the timeouts were extended or removed. Roblox should really look into this, because it affects a lot of developers with bad connection speed.


I think it’s so we’re contacting the server for too long - though that seems like a silly reason if it is the case - considering players can be playing a game for a few hours.

I think the timeout should be removed as a lot of the time, it’s artificial and is usually negative for the end-user.

I’m looking at Chrome and it’s 2 second time out.

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