Allow multiple saved clipboard on mobile

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to paste multiple copied text from the mobile clipboard. It would be better since it is way harder for mobile users to copy and paste text from a website to another.


Works just fine for GBoard

For Samsung Galaxy Note 8, it doesn’t.

I have the same problem. I’m on a Galaxy S8 running Android 9.

@octav20071 @Crazedbrick1

This is not a forum specific issue and probably not a discourse issue either, but go ahead and test to see if it still happens at This works perfectly fine for me:

It’s more likely a system issue.


There is a difference between phones, that’s why. It looks like most of these shown clipboards are programmed differently, and sadly the code doesn’t allow opening the clipboard for me and @Crazedbrick1. Our phones use Galaxy’s code.

I tested on the Demo too, and it looks like the issue is still happening there. I didn’t post this as a bug, because I thought this problem could be solved by requesting it.

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Gboard is downloadable via the Play Store, and it’s way better than Samsung’s keyboard, as long as you set it up properly. I recommend you install Gboard.

I personally recommend enabling the numbers above the letters, making it a bit taller, and getting some dark mode going.

I don’t exactly understand this, it depends on your clipboard app

Try using Swiftkey @octav20071 and @Crazedbrick1, works on my Huawei Honor 9 Lite (Gboard should work as well)

Yeah, it’s probably the keyboard app they’re using

Probably because my and Crazed’s clipboards are built-in. What you have told us are (probably) stand-alone apps.