Allow only verified accounts to send PMs

I think it’ll help combat this:


I’m fairly sure these bots actually do verify themselves :frowning:

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It’s possible that they’re using temporary email services to verify their accounts.

EDIT: LOL wrong link, fixed

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Maybe have a whitelist for email providers that require verification (i.e. Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc.)

Yeah, I accidentally linked the wrong thing lol
OP of the thread I linked in my previous post mentioned that in his feature request

Currently you need a verified account to send a pm on roblox. Even after your verified, you need to wait 1 day until you’re allowed to send a pm.

I’m surprised they just have a few very very basic filters for e.g. those special characters used in “ROBUX FREE OF CHARGE”.

ROBLOX should just create a few random accounts that automatically “join” (or at least appear on the server list, to not have an in-game AFK player) the top games. Any PM they receive gets (mostly automatically) checked if it’s scam (e.g. if it contains something that looks like a link or a combination of “receive” and “qualified” etc) and if so, the sender gets banned and all similar mails get deleted. (I mean, if you, for each mail, do content:gsub(receiver.Name,"Username") you basically have the same exact mail send a million times)

Hopefully their long-term “we’re working on it” plan is gonna be done soon.

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And also stop one account from sending so many messages at once. New account with nothing on it sending 50 legitimate messages a second? I think not.


I’m curious how many seconds and cents it costs to just make a new account and work around that.

It should be a blacklist. I can imagine there are a significant amount of users who sign-up with school emails and this would impact on them severely otherwise.

Could there be a blacklist for that email if it is considered a spam account? They wouldn’t be able to use that email again and would have to change the email on accounts registered with it.

Regardless, players should not be prevented from joining just because their email isn’t with a certain provider.

It would be better to look at the domain of the email that the user signed up with when they are banned and if they find ~90% of these accounts on that domain are getting blocked then blacklist that domain.

Or force people to have two-step verification on to send messages.

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It’s not a simple problem.

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Theres been many many suggestions that would and could work. We’ve been hearing the “we’re working on it” for years and all thats happened is it got so bad that Roblox shut down commenting… Anything is better then nothing even if its only short term for now.


It’s a battle that can’t be won.

GMail is a prime example. Sometimes emails will automatically be flagged as spam, and that’s because they’re looking at all the incoming messages and viewing those which are being marked as spam and those which aren’t. It’s learning, but it’s not perfect and sometimes produces false-positives.

ROBLOX is not on the same level as Google is, and Captcha is not a solution.

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If two step verification determines if you can send PM won’t that be better than capatcha???

I don’t see how that would affect anything. Two-step just requires you to enter a code from your e-mail address to log in. Even if they used a temporary email address, there are services like mailinator which allow you to continually log in to the same address over and over.

You are welcome to discuss solutions on the forum, but posting videos mocking how they’ve not implemented such “easy” solutions (from an ignorant point of view) or just complaining is probably not the most helpful.

I just showed you a post in which someone who works at ROBLOX claims they are not feasible, and from my point of view I’m assuming they know more about the problem

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