Allow Opening Place Files without an Account

One of the most annoying things about this platform is needing an account for everything. I would love to be able to open a place file without an account so it’s quicker for my personal workflow. There are multiple times within the same day, week, etc that I want to test a concept out on Roblox without having to publish or save it. It should be like a notepad where you can just create an empty default place and go wild. Let’s say you want to save or add that place. If you’re saving it locally, you shouldn’t need an account because it’s being saved on your local machine and not on the cloud. If you’re looking to publish it then, having an account would be appropriate.

So far though, it’s a long process of clicking menu stuff to get to a “test place” absolutely blows. I get that having an account connects you to a ton of backend services but, most times, I don’t need all that. I just need a slim working environment because, it’s impossible to run my code anywhere but studio and get accurate results. There’s no runtime outside of studio that allows you to run in the same environment as studio. We don’t need to render anything physical because, ideally, output is being piped into a console. It just needs to have the minimum number of APIs that allow me to test logic in lua or luau in a typical Roblox setting.

Related but, outside the scope of this feature request: Support a Minimum Roblox Engine Runtime