Allow Plugins to set Grid Snap

Please consider allowing plugins access to write to Plugin.GridSize and Rotate increment (Couldn’t find API?) Grid Size Documentation, Read Only: Plugin.GridSize

image (allow us to change these and have it update to this window in Model tab)

As a developer I am incapable of improving the efficiency of my own workflow because plugins do not have access to change certain Studio values such as the GridSize.

There are some default Studio shortcuts which change Grid Size, but they don’t work as intended, see this bug report: Grid Shortcuts Don't Update Ribbon


Why do you need a plugin to change grid snap if you can do it easily?

I can’t do it easily, I have to move my mouse to the Model tab of my Studio, click, then lift my hand off my mouse and type in a value on my keyboard. This may not seem like much, but I change my grid snap multiple times per minute, so the effort adds up and becomes a big hindrance.

There are ways a plugin could make swapping grid snap increments much much faster (like with a pie menu, keybinds or mouse gestures).

Also, why not?

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This would be a great feature addition!

As a use case, plugins can be made to allow us to toggle between different grid size “profiles” based on the context. By having a plugin that has a shortcut to flip between grid-size settings, or by automatically changing the grid size based on the experience you’re editing.


I do want this, mainly because I would like to have the ability to divide and multiply my move by 2 in a click of a button without having to use a calculator on google.

Additionally, It could also be a part of the plugin permissions to ensure if a plugin does use it the user gave permission to edit the grid snap.

Permission isn’t the issue, it’s purely an architecture deficiency in the existing code that makes it hard to enable this (long story short, the grid snap increment is wired tightly into the engine in places it really shouldn’t be with a bunch of legacy code touching it).

I’m working on some changes at the moment should alleviate those problems, so this may become possible by the end of the year.