Allow plugins to use color picker


As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to create a plugin that allows a user to pick a Color3 or BrickColor.

My request is to create some API to allow developers to utilize the built-in Color3 and BrickColor pickers. Such a feature would allow developers to easily add features into plugins that allow users to select colors to be used.

For instance, calling plugin:PromptColor3() would return either a Color3 value if picked, or nil if cancelled. Calling the method would open up the built-in color picker:


There could also be plugin:PromptBrickColor() because why not. I’m sure this feature could also be expanded to such things such as the built-in windows for NumberSequences and stuff.


It would also be particularly useful to have some ability to have real time updates to which color the user has selected. Perhaps that could be accomplished by exposing a ColorPicker object with .Changed and .Closed events.


Glad that this seems to have gotten a lot of support. I agree with @TheNickmaster21’s point entirely too.


I was just about to post my own version of this. I realize this is an old post, but I’d rather bump an old post and bring it back than create a separate one.


It may be old but I’m glad you bumped it. I still really want access to native pickers like this for plugins!