Allow plugins to use value editors/pickers

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too time-consuming and hard to create a plugin which allows the user to select a value using a value editor/picker

Plugins should be allowed to prompt and use value editors such as the BrickColor picker [Image 1], Color picker [Image 2], NumberSequence editor [Image 3], and ColorSequence editor [Image 4].

A simple solution to all this is to add an API that would give plugins access to the built-in value editors/pickers.

If Roblox was to allow plugins access to value editors/pickers, it would improve my development experience because plugins would take less time to create, giving me more time to focus on more important stuff like actually creating the plugin. Plugins could use the built-in value editors/pickers instead of their custom value editors/pickers, making the Plugin/Studio experience even better.

Image 1 - Brick Color PickerImage 2 - Color Picker

Image 4 - ColorSequence Value Editor