Allow publishing to another place shared with me

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to publish a place to another place that is shared with me. At the moment there isn’t an option to publish to games shared with me (aside from group games) through the Publish Place widget.

Why would this be useful? I currently work on a game which is owned by another user on their profile. I have full access to edit and manage the game including configuring the place and game settings, viewing developer stats and shutting down servers/migrating to latest update. For this game, we have another Team Create place where we develop the updates and test them before releasing. However, each time I make an update myself I am unable to publish this change through studio to the actual game that is shared with me. The only two ways I can get the updates out are by either:

  1. Opening both places in studio, copying each item over that I have changed, deleting the old ones and then publishing from there.

  2. Asking the owner to publish the test place over to the main one.

I suggest a feature like the image below (which is from the initial studio start screen) could be added to the Publish Place widget. This could allow publishing to places that are shared with you from another users profile, rather than it only allowing you to publish to your own games or group games that you have access to edit.



Additionally, a security option to the owner should be made to allow the other developers to publish the place. If it’s disabled, only owner can publish. Unintended changes should not immediately be published if the developer is not trusted.

Although that, you can still rollback.


This would be a great addition for game security. However, I feel this would need be a separate feature to the one I have requested as anyone with edit access can currently publish the game through an open studio/team create session. Although, I do agree that only people granted with a specific permission should be able to publish changes to the game.


Yes please, this would resolve having to ask my boss to publish the game (He isn’t always online). This is the last piece of the puzzle to being able to manage his game without needing his involvement (The end goal for us).


Sometimes I like to work in a local place file and save my progress there, once I’ve finished and we’re ready to launch the update, I will publish the local file to the actual game. This is currently not possible if you are trying to publish over a game owned by another player; the only option is to send the local file to the game’s owner and have them publish over themselves. If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because I would be able to publish over someone’s game, allowing me to work on a game in a separate file or game.

A Proposed Solution: You could possibly add a “Shared With Me” option to the “Publish to existing game” screen.


Has anyone found a way to do this yet? I literally have to ask the owner of the game to publish changes or copy over all my changes by hand as OP mentioned, which is obviously not ideal. How has Roblox not addressed this pain point especially with how much they’ve been pushing Team Create lately?

Please Roblox i beg, add this, been an issue for years, really a big pain when it comes to wanting to push an update to help with workflow, updates are delayed since i need to wait for the place owner to get on, just copy what is done for groups.

It’s been over three years and they still haven’t added this feature.

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