Allow refunds for paid access games

For anyone familiar with Steam, you know you can get a refund for a purchased game if you’ve played less than 2 hours and it’s within 14 days of purchase. Roblox needs a similar (if not the same) system for paid access games.

Currently, it’s very easy for anyone to attach a nice looking thumbnail and an exciting description to a Baseplate game and enable paid access.
Another issue is being banned from a game you bought, like in this post

Not only does this hurt users who waste money on unplayable games, it also hurts developers who want to make their game paid access. Why would a user buy a game and risk getting scammed when there are plenty of free games that carry no risk to play?

Of course, consideration would have to be given to how a legitimate developer might be effected by the refund process. Potentially Roblox could eat some of the refund losses. For example, Roblox pays for the first 3 refunds per month or per year or something. Also, if there’s mass refunding, the game should be flagged for Roblox’s review to investigate false advertising or other scam behavior.


A perfect way to fix the issue of Roblox being forced to eat the costs would simply be a 7 day escrow where the player has access but the dev doesn’t have the money in their account. After the 7 days are up if the player hasn’t requested a refund. The money is transferred to the developer.

This most likely wouldn’t affect anyone directly besides an initial week of no income for payed access game developers.