Allow selecting bones from the viewport

As a Roblox animator that specializes in custom skinned meshes rigs, it is difficult to work with meshes that have more than 10 bones.

This has been an issue ever since bones were introduced to Roblox. I work with different numbers and sets of bone structures in studio. Depending on how complicated the models get, the rigs can also get complicated. What makes it even harder is that Roblox does not allow for selecting bones from the viewport when animating. We have to go through the hierarchy tree in order to pick the bone that we wish to animate. Here’s an example of a simple humanoid rig with 44 bones in it:

And the bone hierarchy that I have to go through:

If Roblox were to let us select the bones from the viewport, it would make working with more advanced rigs much easier and less time consuming as we don’t need to spend half of the time working with the rig by going through the list of bones and looking for the correct bone.


Hi @ItsKoiske, thanks for posting this feature request! Just want to let you know that we bumped up the priority for this request and will start working on it soon. Stay tuned :slight_smile:


Hi @ItsKoiske, just want to let you know that bone selection in the viewport is currently enabled at the platform level. We are monitoring for bug reports on additional features shipped with bone selection, so there is a risk we may be forced to disable it temporarily if we find critical game-breaking issues.

Thank you so much for your patience while we were working on these new features.


I will definitely follow up with a bug report if I notice anything. Appreciate the follow up :slight_smile:


Add a bone only mode where the 3d objects don’t get in the way of bone selection, please :pray:
Instead of having to zoom all the way into the model to click the bone:


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