Allow team create users to download and revert to older versions

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to save older game versions on games you do not own but develop on. (not talking about group games)
Every time I would like to grab a model from an old save file or revert to an older version on a game I always need to contact the owner to save/revert it.

Another reason I need this feature is because In a game I am developing on there is a model that broke and I need to get an older version to retrieve it and the owner is currently away.

Currently when you download an old save file while not being the owner it will not work and instead have the error: {“errors”:[{“code”:409,“message”:“User is not authorized to access Asset.”}]}.

Overall this would improve my development experience because:
I would not have to contact the owner to get old save files and revert which would be much more time saving especially when the owner is not there.