Allow Third Party Sales is required for the Avatar Inspect Menu to sell UGC accessories

Clicking the green purchase button on an on-sale UGC item in a game with “Allow Third Party Sales” disabled silently prints a warning and doesn’t let me purchase the item.

Encountered at:

This is unexpected behaviour because I expect users to always be able to buy items from the Avatar Inspect Menu, as it’s accessible through the Escape menu. I believe this bug has been encounterable since the Allow Third Party Sales option started working.

If this specific instance of it silently failing is intended behaviour it should also be mentioned on the DevHub article.


This seems to be expected:

Since you earn a percentage of the money too, it’s like purchasing something like a shirt directly from a homestore.

I think that the developers should be warned when they disable that feature.

(sorry for the trash pic, lol)

The point is that it’s showing the buy button. It should either work regardless of the setting, or read the setting and disable the button, or inform the player via an on-screen message. The current behavior is definitely a bug because it silently warns out on a button that is clearly meant to be enabled and result in an action.


Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.