Allow to simulate pinch gesture in mobile device emulation

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to simulate the pinch gesture in mobile device emulation:

Currently, the input above is only possible to test in a real mobile device.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because this will lessen the work to test, in addition to allowing you to debug the code inside Studio.


If this feature would be implemented it would drastically speed up testing on mobile, currently I have to publish and join on mobile in order to test certain pinching mechanics which is very frustrating. Mind you I have a terribly old phone and Roblox runs very poorly on it so it is hard to evaluate certain mechanics without the help of someone else. Some developers may not even have a smart phone so I can imagine they’d have to install a mobile emulator in order to test pinching.

I suggest pinching to be replicated through holding CTRL and scrolling in/out, a small feature that saves such a significant amount of time.


Any updates regarding this feature? It is almost impossible for me to test certain mechanics of my game.

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We really need an update on the mobile emulation. I always get bugs related to mobile support simply because the emulator is not a good representation of what a mobile device would be like. I prepose these changes:

  • WASD will cause mouse movements on the movement stick
  • Space will cause mouse events on the jump button
  • ESC will cause events on the escape menu button
  • Every other keyboard key will not work unless the onscreen keyboard is visible on mobile.
  • LastInputType will always be mobile related, never PC related

These changes will allow you to move and click a mobile button at the same time. In the emulator, pressing WASD forces core scripts to believe your on computer, while using the mobile emulator.


Any update on this? There’s still no way to properly emulate mechanics on studio.

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