Allow translators to download and upload local copies of the translation tables

As a Roblox translator it is difficult to improve on your own or other’s work.

I’ve been translating games ever since it became first possible on the platform. I do often like to go back to my commissions to improve my older translations or get hired to improve on the work of others. Currently, the translation portal makes it incredibly difficult to do that in just more than one sitting as every time the portal is being accessed, it shuffles around the strings. Makes tables with more than 20 pages, incredibly difficult and monotonous to edit. This causes a huge problem as there are a lot of games with low quality translations that end up not being fixed due to how user unfriendly the portal is and with that damaging those games and pushing communities away from Roblox.

Currently, you need to ask the developer for a copy of the spreadsheet, which takes more time and effort to download from studio than just throwing someone into the translator portal.

The solution that I propose is to simply have a download button for one language in the translation table where translators can take a copy of the most up-to date table to be able to work with. Developers would be able to set permissions for users to be able to upload and download copies as well.

Being able to download tables as a translator would make it much easier for translators to keep track of what has been already edited or might need improvements. It would also act as a backup to the tables that might get damaged by either broken Roblox updates or games not being formatted correctly after a new update and end up being flooded with incorrect entries.