Allow *Trusted* Developers to Write and Edit Tutorials, Articles, and API References

Greetings to you all,

As many of you already know, the Developer Hub is extremely useful because it documents pretty much everything supported in the Roblox engine (from Lua to UI). Now, my suggestion is that, similar to the UGC where the community can create and sell their very own hats, trusted developers should be allowed to create new pages in the Hub and edit existing ones (for mistakes and typos).

Here are the reasons:

Reason 1: Some Things in Libraries Are Not Very Well Explained

For libraries like string, math, and table, most things are self-explanatory and simple to understand. However, there are some things in those libraries that need explaining (not just in words, but with code samples and outputs).

For example, many would agree that table.getn(array) is relatively easy (it just returns the number of elements in a table), and I would too. But, things like table.foreach(array, function) are quite hard to understand in just words (and I still don’t understand it). The explanation on the Hub for this particular documentation is this:

Iterates over the provided table, passing the key and value of each iteration over to the provided function.

No offense Roblox, but this does not help me fully understand what foreach does. How should the function be coded? What are the parameters? It’s like you’re defining what the word “of” is. The word is very simple, but the definition may over complicate things (even though it may be accurate). To really show what the word “of” means, you need to give examples. Applying this to the Hub, I believe we need some more sample code in libraries with brief explanations of that code.

Thus, pages like libraries (and potentially some API references) need more … meat to them. Allowing trusted developers to write in the Hub means that things like libraries can have more explanations that can significantly help with understanding them.

Reason 2: Developers May Have Created Something Very Specific, Nonetheless, It’s Useful

For instance, I created a tutorial explaining how to create a rounded corner hover effect. Not to brag, but that’s something unique that isn’t explained on the Hub at all. Plus, many people found it useful. If I can write an article in the Hub about this with a step-by-step process, then it would reach a bigger audience (because the Hub doesn’t have requirements for entry, whereas, the Forum does). Plus, many people turn to the Developer Hub as a resource, not the Forum.

Therefore, allowing the community to write in the Developer Hub means that developers can create their own tutorials in the Hub.

Reason 3: Fixing Minor Errors, Typos, or Bugs

As I implied before, the Hub is an extremely huge resource, and it’s put together by only a handful of people (Roblox Staff, I believe). This means that many API references and even articles may have typos or errors, and they will be overlooked until someone points them out in the Forum. But, if trusted developers are allowed to edit certain pages, then the mistakes can be fixed more easily. No one would ever need to report it in the first place. After all, maintaining a large website like the Hub requires more people, which is where the community comes in.

Reason 4: World Languages

I checked the footer of the Hub, and it only supports three languages. By allowing a trusted, hand-picked portion of the developer community to write for the Hub, there can be more languages introduced. New articles and existing documentation can have many language variants (i.e. one in English, one in Spanish, one in French, etc.). Also, we know that human translations are often more accurate than AI ones (if the Hub does it that way), therefore, in this case, the community is actually more reliable.


Now, I know what you may be thinking: giving editing and writing permissions to the community can be a threat to the information already there (there are other security risks involved, too). But, as I said before, I only request that trusted developers should be given these rights because they’re reliable. This “trust-system” can be found in this Forum. The higher-ups (Community Sages, Post Approval, ect.) do have the power to edit, lock, and split any post. They can do this because they’re hand-picked by Roblox and are trusted with these rights. Therefore, the Hub should also have this system. Perhaps, maybe allow Community Sages from the Forum to write and edit pages?


If any of you made a connection, this is similar to Wikipedia where there is an editing option (and I think also a create-a-new-article option), though less strict requirements of trust than what I’m talking about with the Hub. Wikipedia is a massive website with millions of articles and supports many different languages. And, it wasn’t pieced together just by their founders (which is absurdly impossible), but a majority of it was done by the community.


I believe that trusted developers should be able to create new articles in the Developer Hub and edit existing material if it has errors or if it’s deprecated. This yields a better understanding of pages like libraries, new tutorials that focus on specific things, and potentially new languages with accurate translations.


Please consider submitting your opinion on what you think of this feature right now:

Hopefully, you also find this system useful,
and have a great time!

EDIT: Just to be clear: When I say “editing access for API references”, I’m talking about the page that talks about or documents the API (hence the term “API reference”). Thus, just the information has the potential to change, not the actual API and Roblox’s engine.


I don’t think developers should be a part of making the api, even though they are trusted. Because, they would most likely change some things that they think is better, because they would understand it more. Roblox probably didn’t want some random developers, even though they are trusted developers, edit their api because that can cause a mess. Because the api has to be accurate and if they change something that they think would make it better, it might make it worse.


I like the idea however, I believe there should be a application process for trusted developers.
Limiting it to just Sages wouldn’t exactly give many people the oppotunity to this.


I only meant edit it if it had typos or errors. Not change the entire API reference.

EDIT: And as @Krunnie said, I’m talking about the API reference not the actual API.


They wouldn’t be working on the API but on the website that classifies them.


I strongly agree with this suggestion. The sheer size of information that needs to be documented dwarfs the size of the IX team. By opening up the DevHub to trusted developers, it would help lighten the load and greatly increase the quality of documentation. In addition, I always found that the most helpful articles on the old wiki were written by community members rather than Roblox staff. These articles from people “in the trenches” bring a unique perspective that can incredibly valuable in documentation.


This is a great Idea however I doubt that ROBLOX would allow for trusted Developers to edit a lot of the documents. Although if they had a request edit feature that trusted developers can use to fix typos and better explain things in libraries, this would be a better way for ROBLOX to allow their devs to Write and Edit them.

I also strongly believe that Developers should be allowed to Create and (atleast request) edit(s on) Tutorials as most of us have gone through the learning phase and might know how to better explain and easier teach to newer developers of the RDev community.

Overall I do agree with this suggestion and believe it could benefit everyone in the long run.


I don’t think it’s a good idea, the developers who are given the permissions, even if they are trusted can use it to their advantage, or change stuff that’s alright 100% accurate and true. There’s no point in this, also roblox will never agree to this.


The idea is fine but it won’t work. The trusted developers might mess up something in the API and make Roblox worst. I don’t think they should be able to do it even the trusted developers.


Its an open secret among developers that the quality of Roblox documentation plummeted when community volunteers were pushed out and the IX team took over. The Dev Hub’s design is modern and easy to access, but the content just isn’t there. Not even mentioning lack of information and detail on many APIs, the amount of times I’ve seen information that’s just incorrect is worrisome.


I am extremely disappointed by the state of the wiki. There is a ridiculous amount of inaccuracy, missing information, and errors. Some of these errors border on significant misinformation which is harmful for new developers and frankly embarrassing. None of my attempts to bring misinformation or missing information to attention has been taken to action despite significant delay.

In addition to this, new and revised tutorials on the wiki are significantly lower in quality than the previous ones. The new wiki has traded functionality for simply looking nice.

I hate to be this blunt, and I don’t mean any disrespect to the current contributors to the wiki, which is a major undertaking. However, in its current state, the wiki is not a useful resource.

I don’t get value from the wiki anymore. If I need to find something out, I look for topics on the dev forum. That is not the way it should be.


I remember when the official Roblox Wiki worked like this. You would have trusted Wiki writers who could edit the documents and even create new ones (the latter was restricted to their personal namespace, though).

Trust was not a problem. The Wiki pages were always of high quality, and there were a lot of Roblox power users who didn’t get access when they should have. I’m hoping that we can find a good balance for trust if this gets implemented again.


100% this. The old wiki might’ve not have looked as clean as the new Developer Hub, but the content definitely made up for it in my opinion. There needs to be a fair balance between content and accessibility, which is currently just not happening.

I can understand why there may be doubts about giving trusted users permission to edit, but abuse can easily be solved by post approval (something akin to the one used on these forums, for example) or other editors’ vigilance (something which is shown to work quite well on Wikipedia, for example).


I think that people in the Community Sage or rarely the Top Contributor (or a special Application to select the trusted developers) should be able to edit the Dev hub.


Or community members could submit articles for some form of community/IX approval, and if they are approved they are appended.


What exactly was wrong with the original system to begin with? The new wiki is a major, major downgrade. There seems to be a new focus on new developers, but with the amount of dead links and BS or missing info I can’t see how that’s happening.


I’d love to see a lot more tutorials for sure. Most of the time the Dev Hub just lists a tiny bit of code. It doesn’t help beginners at all. Web searches and Youtube videos are usually outdated. Roblox Lua is not vanilla Lua, so for beginners the pro Lua tutorials you do find don’t help very much.

If there are people here willing… why not start a free Github site with this kind of info? It’d be great if Roblox provided it though!


As I implied before, the Hub is an extremely huge resource, and it’s put together by only a handful of people (Roblox Staff, I believe). This means that many API references and even articles may have typos or errors, and they will be overlooked until someone points them out in the Forum. But, if trusted developers are allowed to edit certain pages, then the mistakes can be fixed more easily. No one would ever need to report it in the first place. After all, maintaining a large website like the Hub requires more people, which is where the community comes in.

I see that this option would be very good for people but if a Developer, Say somebody was gonna edit a page. Then update it and wrong information came up, it wouldn’t mean help to anybody because they wouldn’t understand where to start and probably the author of the help article wouldn’t get notified about this so as Roblox, and roblox probably won’t edit it too because that page Belongs to the author.


I have experienced an extreme amount of frustration as it seems the resource is slowly getting smaller as more and more links vanish over time.


Which Is why I believe that trusted developers that highly known and trusted developers who want to contribute go through some sort of application and when they want a change in the forum they can make a draft and get it go be approved by a ROBLOX Website developer / Staff.