Allow UI handles to be toggled off

As a Roblox developer, it is very difficult to configure small UI objects because the on-screen handles are in the way:


It would be nice if there was a way to toggle off these UI handles & labels. Doing so would allow developers to work with smaller UI elements.

Edit for clarification: This is in regards to editing the object via the Properties window and trying to visualize the changes on-screen.


Please, I absolutely beg of you to let us toggle these handles.

They have been the demise of all of my UI related projects and they drive me insane. Its like they’re mocking me with how much they obstruct when it comes to editing small UI. Especially when im trying to get the position right.


I’ve just wrote a Python script to remove the UI Editor plugin on Windows. Obviously…don’t just run code you haven’t looked at. This is potentially dangerous as it is removing a file. But for anyone that’s interested, here’s my script:

import os
from os import path

VERSIONS_DIR = "C:/Users/USERNAME/AppData/Local/Roblox/Versions"
UI_EDITOR_PATH = "BuiltInPlugins/UIEditor.rbxm"

def removal():

	# Get Roblox versions installed:
	versions = list(filter(
		lambda p: path.isdir(p),
			lambda p: path.join(VERSIONS_DIR, p),

	# Remove any UI Editor plugins:
	num_removed = 0
	for version_dir in versions:
		ui_editor_path = path.join(version_dir, UI_EDITOR_PATH)
		if path.isfile(ui_editor_path):
			print(f"Removed {ui_editor_path}")
			num_removed = num_removed + 1

	if num_removed > 0:
		print(f"Removed {num_removed} plugin{'' if num_removed == 1 else 's'}")
		print("No plugins found")

if __name__ == '__main__':

Yes, I edit/design all of my Guis in Studio, so I need to be able to edit tiny frames and icons. I hate having to unselect to see what happened if I moved a Scale-based icon .0025 upward. Also, I’ve never used the UI handles before and I’m a full time Gui developer… :confused:

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I practically begged for this during my Incubator. A year and a half ago. Good luck :sweat:


Being unable to disable the visual overlay effect of this plugin has a horrible impact on developer UX. I completely cannot see what I’m doing when I try to work on small UI details. It is bewildering that this became a problem in the first place, and completely insane that it has been a problem for so long.

Please add a setting that simply disables the appearance of this hand-holdy plugin that nobody experienced with making UI on Roblox needs. At the very least, hide the overlay if the mouse isn’t in the viewport so I have some way to see what I’m doing without constantly selecting and deselecting instances that I’m trying to tweak properties of.



Oops, I didn’t find that thread when I was searching. I guess this might be a bit of a duplicate then.


Plugins that search through your selection is part of why there are lag spikes when selecting tens of thousands of instances. I’m happy to enable these plugins when needed, and disable them when I’m done.
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