Allow us to check if a giftcard has been redeemed

As a Roblox gift card purchaser, it is currently too hard to tell if you’ve redeemed a gift card or not.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience because I wouldn’t be giving out possibly already redeemed giftcards to kids.

I bought a bunch of $5 Roblox giftcards a while back, and the codes have just been sitting in my inbox. Today, I thought I might hand them out to trick-or-treat-ers for Halloween. :jack_o_lantern: The only problem is there’s no discernable way to tell if I’ve already redeemed some of these codes without redeeming them myself. (I’m still handing them out, in addition to candy, and if they don’t get it, too bad so sad, they still got candy)

TLDR: It would be great if there was a “check if redeemed” button for digital giftcards

concept art i put together in microsoft paint:



A feature like this would be greatly appreciated :0


Really fun idea you gave kids robux for Halloween, I’ll be sure to visit your house next Halloween :sunglasses:


Probably too abusable for bots and such. Could just be used to check potential codes (or even just random strings) on a VPN/Proxy or something, and if a working one is found it gets activated on the bot owners account. (Similar to the old group claimer bots. Let it run overnight checking via proxies and alt account cookies, and it will write a list of everything it finds)

What can I say? I love virtue signaling that I’m cool on the devforums :sunglasses:
Figured they’d enjoy it more than me, since otherwise they’d be unused and in my inbox for a while.

With the amount of possible combinations of characters for a gift card code, this shouldn’t really be a problem.

Each gift card code has 16 alphanumeric characters: 36^16 = 7.9586611e+24 possible combinations

But even if it was a problem, they don’t have to let everyone check every giftcard. They could restrict the giftcard you can check to the one it shows you after you buy.