Allow us to create multiple group roles at once rather than one at a time

Hi, I am a group owner and I have found that it is currently VERY time consuming and tedious to create group roles. Especially with 40 roles now being able to be made. For large groups, this can become a daunting task.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience because I would be able to implement thought out group structures way faster. Imagine you have a group structure all thought out and ready to implement. The only problem? Yeah, the large amount of times you have to repeat certain actions.

Imagine how much time it would save if you were able to fill, let’s say, 20 roles in one go instead of clicking create new role, typing the role name, giving it a description and adding in the role number 20 times.

I think this would help all sorts of groups, furthermore it would not replace any standard features and users would still be able to create roles 1 at a time if they so please.

NOTE: As a possible solution for this problem, maybe sending the data in JSON format could be a good way to be able to handle the large amount of data chunks at once. Of course since I am not an engineer it is totally up to the engineering team to decide the best suitable outcome for this.

Thank you for reading,