Allow us to freely transfer our games between our profile / groups

You can directly relate to how much of an issue the lack of this feature is, it seems.


Yeah I guess those reasons alone are why we don’t have my suggested feature :stuck_out_tongue:


For sure support this, a feature like this would be an awesome time saver and it would also save all the trouble of configuring the game twice that you want transferred. Not to mention transfer of data.


Sounds good, but I’m also worried about people who might abuse it.

Imagine someone gets hands on mine or your account.
He joins some group called “:ok_hand: Minions Fan Club :ok_hand:”.
He transfers the game, basically getting a copy of it.
He leaves.
He then can sell the copy to some idiot for 5 gorillion robux on a site called “PlaceMarketRBX”.

It needs some kind of verification process.
Maybe the process will take a week or less, but you can always cancel it.
If it’s not, it will be transfered.

tl;dr - Good idea, just needs security measurements


Wouldn’t someone getting hands on your account be the major barrier they shouldn’t be able to get past in the first place? I imagine if someone gets their hands on your account, they can do anything with the games you have.


This. The most anyone could do with this system is either get copies of the game which are missing things such as data, which they currently can within your account, or leave copies with said data, but leaving a pretty obvious trail for admins to find along the way.

So I’d have to guess that it won’t really change anything from what we have now with people getting into your account.


Its different than just stealing a game from your account by copying it. With group game transfers, this would also include badges, data, gamepasses, etc. as far as I’m aware, and that is much worse than just taking a copy of the game.


How is having saves worse? They have access to it anyway when they’re on your account, so they’re already able to do everything they can with a copy now. If you’re worried about the game getting popular because it has saved data, that would be a new issue, but not one that’d be difficult to resolve. ROBLOX could just follow the audit trail and delete all of them.

If that isn’t enough, we can restrict transferring so that games can never go user -> user or group -> group, and once transfered the game can no longer be transfered anywhere except back to the original group/user. If someone transfered a game under your account to their group, they wouldn’t be able to transfer it to another group or another user. If someone transfered a group under your group to their account, they wouldn’t be able to transfer back to another group or another user. To deal with the copy and saved data, all ROBLOX would have to do is move the game back to the original owner.



I made the mistake of developing a game that relies on data stores hosted on my profile.


This is a huge issue for games that were previously developed in teams.


I’ve needed this feature in the past. Support.


I uploaded dozens of animations to my group and found I can only use said animations in my profile game if I upload them on my profile.

Gosh, the longer I go on the more of a need I have to transfer my game to my group. I’m really getting exhausted.


There is no doubt in my mind that developers should have the ability to transfer games between their own accounts and groups. It also seems that the feature would not be impossible to implement at the very least as staff members seemed to previously convert games to group games.

I honestly don’t see why this still isn’t a feature as it would be very useful for most developers.


This is needed, Ripulls point where new developers are “forced” to make a game on there profile, but what if that game becomes popular? And other developers join the team? It will be difficult to pay them and for them to work on the game itself.

This is not a problem for me as if a begin a game i will normal remember to put it under a group.


Boi I support.




Perhaps a one-way transfer for this following case;

You create a group and transfer a well-established place into said group, start working with someone else.
There is a fall out between the two developers, one transfers it to their profile (owner or partner) cutting off any income the other person is entitled to, or is able to make off the game.

Alternatively, whats to stop a group from accepting people into their group only to transfer their game and kick the player out?
Would there need to be a second version created? And who’s version would be the ‘original’?

As Dawgra pointed out, someone could get a hold of your account and transfer your game. They can already transfer assets you have, but any robux you are generating from your game, is now being given to them. Before, only copies could be taken, now they’d have the raw source.

What would happen to Robux revenue? Does the system currently in-place have the ability to say if a game’s revenue belongs to a player or a group based on its current placement, rather than its created placement?

If I’ve got flaws here, point them out.




Thanks for raising this issue. We are going to seriously consider resurrecting the program to transfer games to groups in the next few months. If we do so, it will only be available to select developers.

In the long term we’d like to make this a built-in feature that any developer can leverage but there are a lot of things we’ll need to do before that happens.


This would be an enormous help for me and @silentswords

Current set up makes tax / admin a lot more complicated.

Can we expect some news about the transfer program in the new year?