Allow us to get users social media handles

It would be great if we could access a users social media handle such as for twitter or Facebook in our games. This would only be possible if the user has them publicly exposed on ROBLOX and would allow us to verify that the user’s twitter is indeed the one on their ROBLOX profile (rather than just trusting them to enter it freely). We want to use this to see if players have retweeted our promotional tweets and give them a reward for doing so (rather than just entering a code given to them by another player)


I’m assuming you’re referencing the social media icons that already exist on the website, as shown below:

Am I correct in assuming you’re saying you’d like some way to verify this process such that people cannot lie about their social media handles?

No I am saying if a user has them displayed publicly then I should be able to access them via an in-game API in order to integrate social features such as checking for followers, retweets, hashtags, etc.

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Ah okay. Getting these values from the website in a script. That would be cool because as you’ve said, you would have an alternative to the code system.

This is a cool idea, I’m wondering if this one use case warrants a feature like that though. Wouldn’t it be simple to do with HttpService and some proxy to check their profiles?

The fact you have to use a Proxy is the issue here. If you didn’t it’d be fine.

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You’re already making a bunch of http requests for your unique use case. Surely you can just make one to scrape their profile for the handles.

I need to setup a proxy server or use somebody else’s. I can access Twitter without that. In my opinion if ROBLOX prohibit us from accessing the site than an API should be provided, much like that of MarketplaceService and the likes.

I could make a proxy site on my web server. I hadn’t realized rproxy was down :stuck_out_tongue: