Allow us to submit training data to the AI code generator

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to use the newly released AI code completion system, it is severely lacking in training data, especially around the Roblox API. I believe this is because it was trained on public Lua code (which doesn’t have such Roblox code)

Wouldn’t it be better to create an anonymous function inside Players.PlayerAdded:Connect()? Oh yeah, it doesn’t know about Roblox APIs

Instead, I would suggest letting us optionally submit code to the training model to improve it, the code would have to go through a moderation step (of course), it would be nice to use our code to train the AI if it gets approved.

It’s worth noting that the AI code generator is also insanely buggy in it’s current state (I guess thats what you get from a beta feature)

Typing two dashes?


"Typing -- meow makes it output every service

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because the AI code generator would get smarter if we could give it Roblox specific Lua code


People could submit poisoned data on purpose. Theres really no 100% foolproof way to counter this

Check the post again, it clearly states moderation would need to be involved. There’s quite a few steps Roblox could take to limit abuse, ID verification, etc.

I was thinking that you would be able to submit data, but it would be only for your experience. For example:

  • You tell the AI you’re using Roact, it’s in ReplicatedStorage
  • You ask the AI to create a Gui
  • The AI remembers you’re using Roact
  • The AI generates code to create a Gui using Roact
  • The AI only remembers your input for that experience

Another example:

  • You tell the AI that there will be a value assigned in _G, and what is setting it
  • The AI takes advantage of the value for work

It could improve the usability of the AI, in my opinion. The second example could help, because maybe you can ask it to generate a type which you can use for autocompletion.

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Just like how our auto corrector for mobile works, we could do the same here where each user has their own custom code generator

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From some further testing, it does use Roblox APIs, but only after you import relevant services.

I still have some other issues with it

  • Using wait instead of task.wait
  • Defining functions globally when I prefer local function
  • Comment spam is still an issue

It does have some cool features as well that I was actually quite surprised to see

  • It can trace through static requires
  • It’s aware of the current shape of the DataModel
  • It can also make good guesses about what a method does, especially if it has comments on what it does (not perfect, but good)

As @bluebxrrybot suggested, it may be better if the submitted training data applied to the user or their game(s) only