Allow us to test our games on Xbox without Xbox Live

I want to test my game on all the platforms I’m shipping to. Testing on PC with a gamepad plugged in isn’t enough; I’ve run into little discrepancies that have caused bugs to appear on console that didn’t show up on PC, so I want to be sure I’m actually doing console testing.

I don’t play any games online on Xbox, so I don’t want to have to pay for this every month just to test my own content.


Does the Studio emulator for Xbox One help catch any of these bugs, or is that literally the same as no emulator + controller apart from screen size being different? (I haven’t used this emulator a lot, but just noticed it exists)


I understand that now emulator just emulates screen size and resolution for UI testing, not hardware, although that is the vision.


Companies like Rare use the Xbox Insider Program for Sea Of Thieves Alpha Testers (I myself am one). You are given a private link to download the beta, on windows and Xbox. You could use it this way for all roblox beta members or something like that.


We need this! I got an XBox to test for Christmas and I’d rather not have to pay £40 a year to do this when the only other thing I do on it is occasionally play Forza offline



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Aren’t you aware that USD is the only real currency? jk


Hey folks, just digging through old threads here, but this should no longer be an issue as creating an Xbox Live account is free.