Allow users to directly integrate their social media accounts to their profiles

Before I begin, this Twitter post is the reason I originally made this topic, even though this is something I’ve been thinking for a while.

As a Roblox developer and user, it’s currently hard to verify somebody’s actual identity on external social media platforms, like YouTube and Twitter.

The current system’s most notable flaw is you can simply claim you’re X on Twitter by simply copy-pasting their account link on your Roblox account settings page.

What I’m suggesting is to actually integrate those external platforms with Roblox, which is something all supported social medias on Roblox allow.

Here’s an example from YouTube:

If Roblox would address this issue, then we’d be able to confirm somebody is actually who they claim to be, because they must be the only person that will be able to integrate their actual social media account on Roblox.

Thanks for reading my post :wink: