Allow users to pick their username color in the default chat UI

Currently, username chat colors are calculated from the name itself. This is not ideal, as you have a small chance of having your favorite color as your username color.

It would be great if chat colors could be derived from user preferences instead, allowing users to set their name color to whatever color they want.
When my username was “Reshiram110”, it was purple - my favorite color. However, I recently changed my username to “Noble_Draconian”, which calculates to an orange color in the chat.

If this feature were added, I could set my username color in the chat to my favorite color, allowing me to personalize my account more.


Yes, yes a millions times YES!

I’ve wanted this for a long time, I believe there are games to “predict” the color of a username but I doubt it is very accurate.

I never liked the purple variant of the usernames because it’s very hard to see, so having an option to change it would be great!

Fully support this idea!


I support this idea! In your own games, just make a purple colour team and then join it - your chat colour should be purple.

However, even if this feature gets added, I don’t think it will be free (like now, where you have to pay 1k R$ in order to change your name and maybe the chat colour). It’ll probably be a Premium-only feature or you’ll have to pay R$ in order to change it.


I am well aware how to configure the chat in my games, but thank you. :slight_smile:

I disagree - I believe this feature should be free to configure from the settings webpage. Changing a username or making group roles is one thing - but updating a small preference like birth-date or username color is not that impactful and thus should be free.


I didn’t say that it must be payed, this is what I think that will happen. Of course, I want this feature to be free, too.


Developers can easily override player chat colors to their own custom specifications. This seems like a non-issue.

If you don’t want players having a purple chat-color or some other unique color, you can override a player’s username color to a custom one (RNG or otherwise).

Also, your problem occurs with the current system too - if I had joined your game, I would’ve been identified as a staff because of my purple username! This sounds like a design issue on your end.


This would still be a welcome feature, especially now that Roblox is pushing on its “identity in the metaverse” features!


100% Yes!

Changing the chat colour of a Roblox user should 100% be added.
I personally have green, which I don’t really like, I’d prefer yellow or tan?

I hope they add a customizing feature soon!

I don’t think it’s going to be free though as the name change feature costs 1k R$. We’ll have to see!

I support this idea though!