Allow Users to View Their Moderated Images

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to view moderated images on the moderation page. Developers sometimes are unaware of what image(s) specifically caused their account to be temporarily closed.

A great addition to the moderation page would be a disclaimer like this for the evidence:



Same for sounds that were hit with copyright in “The purge”


Oh hey you took my suggestion literally.

This is really needed to be honest. No more nonsense where “We can’t show you what you why we’ve moderated you because you’ve done bad stuff, and we can’t show you bad stuff.”

It’s incredible how far this system has lasted, to the majority of our anger and frustration, but sorry folks, this has to be put to a stop. The OP shows a message that perfectly models what should happen.


I feel this this isn’t really practical as it means that Roblox would then have to host the content that they deemed inappropriate in order to show it to you. Obviously this is going to become a problem if, for example, something illegal is uploaded.
This isn’t quite the same as the Jagex case since that is likely only text-based evidence (like chat logs).

And anyways, if you use good naming conventions for whatever you are uploading, you should be able to easily identify which of your assets have been declined by matching the name of the rejected asset to its image on your computer.


The problem I see with that is that the asset needs to be removed. So by doing this, the asset would not be removed, since it would still need to be available to the user. Especially in cases like DCMA requests and COPPA violations, this would be a legal issue.

As a developer, shouldn’t you already have access to the assets you uploaded? If not, where did you get the asset? I always have things properly named, and they match the name of the file on my computer.

And to that, I would say that you should make sure you name things appropriately so that you can identify them. I’ve never had a moderated asset and not known what it was, because the name gives it away. The obvious exception is when the title of the asset also gets moderated.

Not trying to bash your request. I agree that it would be nice to have more clarity. Just not sure how feasible it is at the moment.


A solution for the item being ‘not fully removed’ would be a timer; either when the moderation is issued, it will start a countdown for maybe a week, or alternatively once the user views the moderation or acknowledges it somehow, the countdown starts and perhaps lasts 24 hours or less.


Couple of days ago my account was suddenly temporarily closed for an image I uploaded nearly 10 years ago… Honestly have no clue what it looked like. Them hosting it on a seperate server for a week or so before removal would be nice.

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