Allow Verified users to have 1,000 friends

As a Roblox developer and owner of a popular group, maintaining a network of players I’m familiar with from my experiences is difficult because I find myself constantly having to shuffle through my Friends list and unfriend users who are inactive in order to expand that network. Most of them are people I want to keep on my friends list, and often the ones I have to remove will return after a few months of inactivity wondering why I unfriended them.

It would make sense that Verified users, which are typically users who would have a larger network of friends than most users on the platform, would have the ability to add more than 200 Friends. A limit of 1,000 seems more appropriate, as it should give enough room to not have to worry about hitting the ceiling all the time.


While I think raising the friend cap to be a respectable idea, I think limiting it to Verified creators is just a mistake. Such gatekeeping of features based on verification status for no significant reason is unjustified and only perpetuates a division between verified and non-verified users.


I’ve got to ask: why is your friends list that big? It sounds it would be a stretch considering that people a “friend”. Wouldn’t the better move to make following players, which has no limit, actually useful for whatever you want?

Additionally, why verified only? Most of us aren’t verified, will never get it, and will never benefit from this if it is locked behind being “verified”.


Uuuuh, why would you want so much friend in the first place?

A friend to all, is a friend to none - Aristotle

And even worst is having this locked behind Verification, verification is literally giving out your info to Roblox, and a lot of people wouldn’t like that

Overall having a Followers feature like @TheNexusAvenger said would be wiser


Even with 200 friends, it’s hard to keep track of everyone :laughing: I think as you mention the best solution is for Roblox to rework the “following” system to provide users with more interactions and opportunities for communication.


Followers is one of those Roblox features you forget exists. There’s nothing to indicate that a user you follow, or who follows you, has joined the server you’re playing in, nor does anything show as much on the player list.

In an experience, you cannot click on another player in the menu and follow them. It would be interesting to see Roblox improve the behavior of followers, as it is a way to control who can join you in experiences,


but I do prefer also getting the notification that a friend joined me, anyway. That’s something I imagine that even an improved follower system would not expand to include in it.

As for verified only, it’s more a way to signal that the expanded friends list is only for the people who need it. Maybe it’s something that could be given only to Premium users. Maybe it’s for everyone. I don’t know. 200 seems like a fair limit for most people though, so it makes sense that only a small number of highly active users — verified users, as a main example — would get access.


I would rather see either the cap for everyone be raised to 1,000 or at least 500. It would benefit everyone to have a bigger cap of friends and shouldn’t only be limited to a small niche group of creators.


I think this feature request doesn’t address the issue you have. The main technical difference I see between friends and followers is that you can get a full list of friends of a user (listing can be an expensive operation) while followers is only a simple “do I follow them” query. Nothing stops a “person you followed joined the game” from being a thing.

Premium would be a more interesting limit than verified since you are paying for the platform then. Feature gating behind verified will alienate more people than you think. I probably hold the record for most days on the forum at 2,739 days (7.5 years!!!), clearly making me highly active, and I’m still not verified. A lot more people would want this for the same use case but never get it resolved because of the exclusivity of verified.


The average person can handle up to 150 relationships. The current limit is 200, well surpassing this limit. You’ll likely forget who they are or why they’re your friend past 200. You can simply add another role to your own group to separate members if that’s a problem. I see no reason to add this feature.

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I agree with this, nobody NEEDS 1000 friends. If I were Roblox I would do this: every month you get +100 followers. After 5 months you get to 500 followers. This system would stop a lot of bots and would be sorta fair. Who needs 500 friends in one month?

I also agree with the verification statement. Not many of us have access to that feature and I think it’s 10M+ visit lock (on the personal profile… I don’t know much about groups.)

EDIT: Also speaking, you really could just make a group named “Friends” and make it a request only group with everyone… I do understand if you want to join people though, of which communication services are for, just ask them for a private server link!


Friends are mutual, followers are not - this is the main difference here. Following is for when you don’t know someone, friends is for when you know eachother. It’s a higher trust level.

I’ve been on the platform for over 10 years and have been stuck at 200 friends for the past 4 years. I know everyone on my friends list, have met tons of them at RDC, they work for RedManta / Twin Atlas, etc.

1000 might be a bit extreme but 200 is too low.


While this is the case, I don’t think this feature-request is the right one to support due the fact that it clearly imposes it’s solition as ‘increase the cap for verified users’ while many notable individuals may never receive such badge and be left with the old limit!


I can’t even remember some of the people when my list is only 40 people.


Adding on tip of what every person has said in here, what would happen if you somehow lost the verification checkmark (e.g. changing the username) and you have over 200 friends?

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That would be extreme favoritism if added and a terible choice. Like what makes verified users deserve for 800 more friends? Worst request of all time. -10/10

It would be the same and the account would be glitched or Roblox will fix it for the glitched user.

I used to be the kind of person who accepted everyone’s friend request. And most of them were just random people or bots. Over the years I became stricter about friends.

I also have this thing where I forget why and where I friended someone even if I remember their username from like a week ago.

As of this date, I have 19 friends and most of them are my friends from irl or just really close people who are my ACTUAL FRIENDS.

As others have mentioned above, there is no reason to have over 200 friends. Because otherwise, you can’t really call them true friends, right? Again, as people have mentioned, there’s a following system. People can just follow you, instead of being your “friend”. Then again if there are so many people then you can make a group for them. Give them separate special roles if you really want to.

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If you have 1000 friends, 90 percent of them you wont communicate or interact with on roblox…

It’s just too much like many said.

They aren’t really a friend at that point.


If I were to suggest an increase of the friend limit I’d say at most 300-400 or 500 if I was really pushing things. But to increase the friend limit to 1,000 seems very extreme and unnessisary. I agree with people like @TheNexcusAvenger that maybe you’re using the friends feature a bit too liberally. Additionally restricting the feature to Verified (or Premium as he later suggested) also just seems like gatekeeping a feature for no reason.

I’d say just keep the friends section to people you know and play with semi-regularly or regularly with (My friends list comprises almost entirely of people I regularly play with along with former staff members I worked with in the past.) For other cases just use the “followers” feature that others have suggested.

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If you’re exceeding the friend cap, there’s an issue. The 200-game cap was removed, but I’d want this one to stay. It takes hours to unfriend people, because of the requests Roblox currently throttles. It also clutters everything.

The only use case I could possibly see for this is packages. I don’t think packages should be for friended users, but rather for a group.

Also, differentiating between verified and non-verified is not a good idea for removing such a limit like this. It just means more 4-year-olds will steal their mom’s credit card, and it will make verification less exclusive since more people want it. That’s not what Roblox wants.