Allow VR to be disabled and enabled without restarting studio

When working on VR things in Studio, I use an Oculus Quest 2 connected to my PC using Air Link. After a period of inactivity, the headset will go to sleep to conserve battery life, and in doing so the Air Link connection is lost.

When this occurs, studio is no longer able to access the headset (after I re-establish the Air Link connection) meaning I have to go through the tedious process of closing and restarting studio and reopening the place file every time the headset decides goes to sleep.

I am capable of disabling the sleep in various ways (wearing the headset while using Studio, ouch! or disabling the sleep timer), however this is not a good solution IMO because there is a reason the headset is going to sleep - battery and idleness.

On a similar vein, VR cannot be disabled or enabled during a single studio session, which means if you want to switch between testing your game in VR/non-VR you must again restart studio and reopen the place file each time.

Both of these factors compound to be quite frustrating; ideally this workflow should be a lot less disruptive.