Allow web API library developers to participate in Open Cloud betas

As a Roblox web API library developer, it is currently impossible to implement Open Cloud APIs into my library before they are fully released.

Right now, Open Cloud API betas (like the current datastore API beta) are available to developers through the Community Feedback Program. This program is inadequate for allowing web API developers to gain access to betas: it appears that the form for this program automatically rejects applicants who don’t work on any experiences, and it lacks a proper category for web API library developers.

If web API library developers had access to these API betas, they would have more time to implement these APIs into their libraries without bugs and the ability to give feedback to Roblox to help shape the APIs. These developers already work with the Roblox web API, so they would be just as or more capable than Roblox game developers at delivering feedback for Open Cloud betas, which benefits Roblox as well.

It would improve my development experience if Roblox had some means of allowing web API library developers to participate in Open Cloud betas.


Hey there!

Private beta sign-ups are typically distributed to groups of developers we work closely with to ensure the feature is ready before it is publicly available. As you mentioned, the Community Feedback Program is one of the groups we frequently work with.

We are working on expanding the Community Feedback Program to offer these opportunities to more developers. We have recently updated the application and are making changes as needed to be more inclusive. Feel free to send in an application here: [Open] Community Feedback Program Application!

Please note that just because the application says you do not qualify, it DOES NOT mean it will not be reviewed.

Hopefully this helps!


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