Allowed to give robux to my group game alt?

I have plans on making a new plane game but on my alt since i want to start from scratch.

Am i allowed to give my alt robux through group or gamepass?

If u want to transfer robux u can do it by group or gamepass.

is it allowed? I want to give a pretty large amount

Uhm, What u exectly want?
2 accounts and u wanna give 1 account robux?

Yes i want to give my new alt robux.

Yes it is allowed, as long as the funds are not being used for things such as gambling etc then you should be fine.

it is for advertising my upcoming game pretty much.

Okay, you have to make a game pass on your group of the amount of robux you want to give to your other alt, 30% of the robux goes off because it goes through group.

It’s allowed, but the roblox bot might ban you as it thinks you are selling robux VIA 3rd party.

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