Allowing for Discord Links

Before I start, I fully understand why Roblox wouldn’t allow for Discord links; however, with some recent updates to the actual roblox site allowing for groups to add their Discord server to the social media tabs has really made me think that this rule should also be changed here. If it is allowed on the Roblox site then why can’t not be allowed here?

Should the Roblox forms allow for Discord links to servers?

  • Yes, we should be allowed to add our Discord servers to posts
  • No, Discord should not be allowed on the forms

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They are not allowed because <13’s are able to freely browse the forum (but they can’t make an account) so Roblox can’t risk exposing a <13 year-old to a Discord link. And by the way, Roblox only shows social media links on the main website to 13+ users.


You are allowed discord links on the developer forum? I believe it just has to go through PA first.

only in member+ catagories tho

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Discord links on the website are age-gated. The forum has sections visible to anyone, including those underage. Technically you can post them in certain categories, but all of them must be audited because Discourse doesn’t support category-specific filtering AFAIK.

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Again, safety comes first, and we shouldn’t make too much of a step forward with this.

It’s not about taking too much of a step, we aren’t at all and probably never will. Discord is 13+ and Roblox is for all ages so <13’s simply can’t be able to view discrd on roblox.

The only thing I would say is that we allow for people to post Twitter links and account information on the forms so why not Discord information?

Probably because Discord has more of a problem with predators, which is totally understandable. Twitter doesn’t have that much of a problem, and Twitter is more of a safe platforum.