Allowing Open Cloud API to read placefiles

As a Roblox developer, it is currently tedious to perform certain authorizations especially in the area of mass fetching and publishing places.

Currently we are provided with just a write API for Roblox places under the Open Cloud API that was released not too long ago. However its isn’t enough for some of us that have a more elaborate setup around automation of development.
One of these include fetching non-script assets from a place in order to sync this back up with code that is stored on Github and from there compile it all together to mass publish places as desired.

You could argue that the utilization of a Roblox security cookie would be enough, it is not.
Roblox cookies get invalidated when a region mismatch is detected. While this is a good security measure on account safety and security to further prevent compromise it also prevents developers from executing things that aren’t possible through the provided cloud API on automation basis.

The only other option to go from is to set up a VPS and force the cookie to not get invalidated, however a VPS oftentimes costs money each month which honestly shouldn’t be needed as it feels more viable to allow this through a Cloud API key (which is also more secure than letting a bot account handle things).

Additional to the above statement this does not always work, especially with e.g. a github integration since the IP still changes due to the utilization of github actions.

This alone would improve the flexibility and would speed up the process of universe project updating thus making it less of a pain to actually work with versus as stuff currently stands with required cookie utilization.